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This is a fancomic based in the world of Legend of Zelda.

A few generations before the hero from the kokiri forest, Hyrule's people were still split, led by their own individual kings. In this time, a fumbly diplomat named Fayte is called to the castle to get his first mission as a full fledged shiekah. His adventure will evolve as he takes on the orders of the Hylian King, and of all the folks he meets on the way. They will have to protect Hyrule from the threat of the Gerudo Queen (and her allies), as her schemes unfold. Epicness and hilarity ensues. Trust me.

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Zora King is not amused. Oops.
*redead screech*
Hey, I'm alive, who knew!

I know it's been a while since we updated. There's really no excuse for it. A lot was going on in life at the time, and I fell a little out of love with drawing pages. A lot has happened in the last few years, and I've found that I really miss these characters. I miss the opportunity to tell this story. I was considering making it into a video game, but I figure that takes even LONGER to do lol

So here I am, 5 years later. I can't promise I'll do a page every week, as I do have a job doing other things, but I've decided I want to try again. This is the first of two pages I've drawn in the last week, so expect another fairly soon. People still visit this comic (can't tell you how big a compliment that is, after this long) and I don't want to disappoint. Again.

Also, happy new years :D
Why is there no new comics after a whole year? I need more!
Im So Glad theres more! though i hope thedre4 will be more than a couple updates this year.
Yay! I was scared for a moment that this was one of those comics that would never be continued, and it's SO GOOOD!!! I just love the story and the artwork and can't wait to read more!!
Yay! your alive!~
Oh gosh, why does that whats his name Zora with the Cucco remind me of Ghirahim?XD
Back on the map I fell off of

I'm not even gonna try to explain my way out of my poor update habits, here's a new page lol

Medievalsparrow is gonna be helping me out from here on out, so you may see occasional fluctuations in the art style, depending on who drew the page. This time, I still had a page in reserve to finish up, but next issue will probably be courtesy of her, so don't panic, more be coming lol

Also, as a way to make it up to readers, sorta speak, I've got my hands on RPG Maker. And frankly it would be silly of me not to make a game based on this story. Heck it may get done before the comic does! But I will keep people in the loop with how that is going, it will definitely be available to play online somewhere when its done. So far I've only got little sprites walking around on a map that mildly resembles eastern Hyrule, so I've got some work to do!
I love this comic, I just started reading it and I just love the story, the artwork, everything!! Please update soon!!
Ha! That is hilarious. When he asked if she stole his things, and she was all, "I didn't want it," Ha! Also, I'm liking how they're drawn MUCH cooler than average Zoras.
@Reiz16: yeah, the epic shading was really difficult to do on a time limit, it took way too long to get a page posted weekly. I like to think the artstyle does get better after this though :) and there will be more epic shading along the way though
Well, I've noticed by now that the epic shading has dissapeared. ...When you DO try your hardest, I must say that you do incredibly well, with that. In any case, this is beginning to be story-based, which I am ok with.
I immediatly look at this and think that the facial expressions, particulary the eyes are lacking, but I also think "DANG! That's some great detail and shading!!!!" I like the style.
Glad to hear it! welcome back! ^^

*Runs away screaming in terror*
Finally! I was just thinking about this comic the other day. I guess I am psychic! WoooOOOOOoooOOOOo XD just kidding.
Finally. Im a new fan here. Good comic. Keep it up.