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Recent Comments

Soo I guess you're not going to do another page...
Keep it going it is really good
I refound you!
I'm so happy I refound this webcomic. It's one of the best I've ever seen :3
Keep going! I'm invested in knowing what happens now :)
I love the art and the story to this :D
D'at "G'DAY" just really makes me laugh and tingle with excitement.
This comic is definitely one to keep an eye on.
Great job on the rendering and the ideas, keep up the amazing work!
The pigs arent just pigs. They are demons and there are legions of them around. :)
If their lions can't they defeat the pigs?
holy crap i didnt realize he was that big! O.O

btw this comic is stunning!!!
An ally. Nice. I haven't seen centaur deer that much so it's a cool design.
@Redbuzzard: I thought you had given up on this. Glad you have not. This comic is back in my watch list. ;)
The lions are the prisoners? Well that's a twist. :D
Loving this already. The art is beautiful. They look amazing. :D
FREAKIN GAWJUSS! Those paws are so soft looking. :)
@Redbuzzard: I don't mind, it's just good to see the updates. and a great update indeed! ^u^
yay thanks
I don't mind waiting for new pages - the art's so beautiful that it's well worth waiting for :)
Sorry for taking so long for the next page. The last three months of 2013 was simply a very busy and stressful time for me. But I am back continueing again ^^
Is it possible for me to submit oc ideas???