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The Robot Masters go on wacky adventures.

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I made a comic like this! Called "Megaman Mishaps MKII"!
You should read it! I would like that.
Is this dead?
You can find the ones for MM8 on their site.
Severe AI problems.
Do you mind making a chapter with the coloured sprites? I would like to use them, with due credit of course.
To bad I had to use a different computer... I lost the game. :(
In the game Megaman makes the first move when fighting them. If Megaman doesn't move, the foe doesn't as well. WHERE'S MY COOKIE?
In the games, if you don't press any buttons after entering thier rooms, they'll just stare at you until you do. You can jump in Skullman's room and he still won't move. And Freezeman will actually break the fourth wall and look at the player.
Also, both of Freezeman's weaknesses (Junk Shield and Scorch Wheel) are shield-type weapons.
What a midevil type fight.
I think that because the first move they make will mess up the other one's move. And Yay! Skullman wins.
My favorite Robot masters are... Pharo man, Knight man, air man, Skullman, Fire man, Shadow man, Napalm man and gyro man.
Actually, I obtained them when I downloaded a game called Rockman 7 FC, a game where they downgraded Megaman 7 into 8-Bits.
WHERE... DID YOU GET 8-BIT MM7 ROBOT MASTERS?! Did you make those yourself?!

I could use them!

...could you please send them to me?
No, there never was a set ending to this episode.
Originally I wanted this episode to be a GIF animation where Shade Man does his trademark intro, but I couldn't find a decent GIF Animator.
If anyone understands why neither of them wanted the first move, then you get a cookie.
Hornets are close enough to bees anyways.
Yes, every character in this comic will be edited and recolored 8-Bit sprites.

Oh, and yes. There is a 10th game coming:
...Seriously, he looks more like a cloud than Cloud Man.