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Woop! Revamp.

This is where I Ren Fowl(Formerly Zero The Hedgehog) post all of my different Sprites and Pixel arts(Also drawling maybe.)

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Ren Fowl
March 22nd, 2015
A little Super Effect Test.
As you know, for a bit I moved to a different showcase. But then it got hacked and all the stuff got cleared,
which actually caused me to loose some work that I don't have on any of my computers. Sense then I haven't
really been uploading any of the stuff I've made. But with the whole Rename thing (I'm called Ren now.), I decided to start uploading my work.

I've started to move into new areas, Like making custom sprites and editing different styles like ZX. This is some of the stuff I've made.
100% Custom
I made this all by myself. I'm Pretty Proud of it. Of Course I'm going to make some poses and stuff for it soon. You can use it if you really want to, but there are some way better bases out there so not sure why you would .
Woops forgot to mention.
I moved to this showcase forever ago so encase you are interested in continuing to follow my work (Which I doubt you are) Go here: Just go to my chapter creatively named "zero" and that's where my works will be posted. So yeah. Though I might come back to this place someday. IDK.

No Sonic Reborn?

This new comic looks awesome!
Remeber when I said I would be remaking sonic reborn? FUCK YOU! I LIED! FUCK YOU. I making this comic instead. You all get a preview.
Getting better
Testin' some effects
Just messing around with some effects and Facial expressions. Also It's 12 and I have school tomorrow. I really should be in bed.
the spike shading is confusing and there is a confusing purple dot there.
sonic reborn

i remember that one.
Oh and that sprite is a place holder made by some dude on a forum I'll make some new ones to replace them soon.
Can anyone guess what reboot I'm making?
You forgot his ears.
The shading is a bit dodgy, the pants and shade of blue is way to bright. You need to be more contrasting between the darker and brighter shades of red, there also seems to be a different lightsource on his pants as appose to his head. Also his eye is way to bright, it looks like it blends in with the white. Make it a darker shade.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog:
I haven't been gone THAT long have I?
youre alive!!!!!!