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Beat the Rain

A short story of two men and a pair of drums.


Recent Comments

This was a lovely little comic. :) I feel like the length is representative of how short life is, but you can still pack a lot of wonder into a few pages.

Thank you for sharing this lovely creation with us!
looks like his umbrella has seen better days
@Coraline Castell

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! It'd be great if you could pass it around.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read our little tale.
What a nice short story. It was touching and the overall mood was sweet. It was good wisdom he shared, Drew and us all, should be thankful for him passing it along. :)
Beautiful comic. Really, it was very nice. Such a short comic, but it held a lot of meaning for me and for others, I'm sure. Truly nice.
Whimsical little tale. Loved it.
I really liked this comic :O It was so simple and elegant. Best kind :D
great job on the shading and lighting :)
Beautiful comic
Loved your comic, you did an impressive work, your drawings are great, and so was your storyline, wich was different from the rest, and had a special spice. Faved (:
Awesome work, Witchii.

And thus concludes Beat of the Rain!
Aaaaand... DONE! :D
Just one more
But you make such pretty pictures!
Nr 10! Just a few more and you'll finally be rid of this lazy ass artist :'D
Yeah! Keep it UP!
I like where this is heading, hope to see more soon.
my tablet lives again! And thus a new page arrives.

I apologize for the wait!
No; artist hasn't updated in a while. She's still alive though.

Thanks for the concern; glad to know somebody cares. XD
Is this the end?
Just curious - been waiting awhile for more resolution but nothing on this story for some time now...