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Seimus Cross

Seimus Croslier is an average guy...
until Thrust TH and a mysterious gang of super powered "animals" crash into his life!

Cameos now accepted!
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9 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

1)Good spriters! I'm mean really good! I'm not trying to be mean, i'm just picky!
2)Good at effects(motion blurs,sfx,etc.)
3)Nice in General!
4)Max is 5 authors, so check in fast!
Apply as a Co-Author
Seimus Croslier is an average guy...
until Thrust TH and a mysterious gang of super powered "animals" crash into his life!

Cameos now accepted!

Recent Comments

Nice work, dude :)
i'd gladly add u!
Rush(one in the comic) has a code name so i guess u being in the comic wouldn't hurt!
thanx Mr. Obvious!
lol, jk!
Mist = 12
(so that's why he's a tattle-telling little bastard) watever just stop trying to flame me period, find someone else...
12 year olds don't have any maturity.
well i guess for the sake of maturity, let it go....
well no offense angek but he wont do it for your sake since he hates you

so instead he should do it for the sake of maturity and plain common sense of- *cut off*

just leave him alone mist, he's got permission now, i used to hate him to but i've let it go
not that i don't understand ur concern Mist, u have been quite harsh about little details that end in me getting flamed and then Ultimate or Chaos have to break and cool things down...
i know i've made mistakes in the past, but please, for my sake, don't hate me...
Emo guy is main character
Main character becomes chosen one at the very start of the comic
How cliche
actually mist
he asked us all afterwards
so its okay as long as it doesnt happen again
Bro overeaction.
And you didn't get permission from chaos or they wouldn't be complaining that you took there sprites.
You even recolored chao's and added new spines and called it your own.
do u...hate me...?
but, in any case, yes i got permission from EVERYBODY!!!!
and u call me a b-b-b-bitch?!
u really must hate me!
You better hope so bitch.
I bet you stole radients as well did you?
i know his mask is gone, but it's removeable of course
anyway, Chrome's a friend of mine who lent me his sprites
you took my sprites without my permission! i'll let it go now but do it again and i will not let it go! next time: ASK FIRST!

edit: um.. "rush" is actually called diox, if you gonna use other people's characters, call them by their right name
Mist th
December 30th, 2009
TMK likes it because he's like the main character.
color error...
my bad...
lol stove XD but what happened to thrust pants they look fucked up ._.
here's a better view...