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Kirby's Dream Adventure
What's better than one Kirby? A whole mess of them, that's what! Follow them around their little adventures and daily lives, from the early randomness to the more story-built latter parts. It's a Kirby adventure worth watching, even if the main pink puffball doesn't get as much direct screen time as he should!

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Comment on Going Home - Pt.3
GraciaWarrior, Jul 22 2014 09:12 am
Is that Keeby or kEito?
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
MecanicalCH, Jul 21 2014 10:27 pm
@BattleStarX: *hidden in cardboard box to avoid being Fish´d*
Comment on Going Home - Pt.3
BattleStarX, Jul 21 2014 09:18 pm
Ryka's a kirby I could get along so nicely with.

<img src="http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q657/JumboWheat01/Comic%20Stuff/Comme nt%20Quips/Quip-085_zps34426691.png">

No DDD News today, Photoshop decided it wanted to crash mid-comic making and not start back up. Stupid thing. I'll show it by leaving it alone the rest of the night. That'll teach it.
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
Luigi_96, Jul 21 2014 04:06 pm
*presses Staples Easy Button*
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
8bithuman, Jul 21 2014 04:05 pm
Fish warrrrrr!
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
Extremmefan, Jul 21 2014 03:26 pm
@Omega Kirby and @GraciaWarrior: Well at least MOST of the time...
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
Omega Kirby, Jul 21 2014 01:17 pm
@GraciaWarrior: Not always. Don't forget water evaporates.
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
GraciaWarrior, Jul 21 2014 11:46 am
Fire vs water!
Water is always win!
Comment on Going Home - Pt.1
MecanicalCH, Jul 21 2014 12:01 am
*covered in fish...*
Comment on Going Home - Pt.2
BattleStarX, Jul 20 2014 09:09 pm
Yes, I just took a lot of creative license for Water. I have access to so few sprites, I just got to make do with what I can.

<img src="http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q657/JumboWheat01/Comic%20Stuff/Comme nt%20Quips/Quip-084_zpse949cd67.png">
Oh it's on now!


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