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Kirby's Dream Adventure
What's better than one Kirby? A whole mess of them, that's what! Follow them around their little adventures and daily lives, from the early randomness to the more story-built latter parts. It's a Kirby adventure worth watching, even if the main pink puffball doesn't get as much direct screen time as he should!

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Comment on Rescue? - Pt.5
NintendoFan64 (Guest), Nov 27 2014 04:27 pm
@BattleStarX: ...She hasn't appeared in the Main Story yet, but I already love Pasci!
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.5
Extremmefan, Nov 27 2014 03:12 pm
@BattleStarX: KirbyLogic.inc
Also, looks like Etam got *puts on sunglasses*... painted!
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4
Fighter Dee, Nov 27 2014 09:37 am
And nobody said a word about the TAC appearing bellow Kopoy while he just stands there...
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4
DeeBert (Guest), Nov 27 2014 09:35 am
Cat, he is probably hungry (and he gave a Tac and Teelzy a melon).
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4
Falcon_Lunch! (Guest), Nov 27 2014 08:09 am
This TAC is very spazztastic.
But next time the TAC sees, Teelzy, there may be more than one!
...Why are they the ones who have to deal with a TAC on a sugar high, again?
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4
NGamerS31, Nov 27 2014 07:50 am
I think kirby is somewhat like majiin buu. He does not know he is a killer.I'm surprised kible never said anything...
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.5
BattleStarX, Nov 26 2014 05:44 pm
Kirby Logicİ.

<img src="http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q657/JumboWheat01/Comic%20Stuff/Comme nt%20Quips/Quip-189_zps5fb9429f.png">

Oh, Pasci is going to be so fun when she finally makes her showing.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.4
BattleStarX, Nov 26 2014 05:42 pm
Been a while since I gave my laptop such a heavy cleaning. Rather nice, and it's running so much nicer.

And yes, I am having a lot of fun with that TAC. I may have filled up two years of randomness with this one TAC.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.3
BattleStarX, Nov 25 2014 03:08 pm
No comics coming out tomorrow, my laptop is going through one HECK of a cleaning. Both physically and digitally. How the heck that much dust got in there remains a mystery to me.
Comment on Rescue? - Pt.3
Luigi_96, Nov 25 2014 01:08 pm


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