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Kirby's Dream Adventure
What's better than one Kirby? A whole mess of them, that's what! Follow them around their little adventures and daily lives, from the early randomness to the more story-built latter parts. It's a Kirby adventure worth watching, even if the main pink puffball doesn't get as much direct screen time as he should!

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Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Luigi_96, Apr 20 2015 09:28 pm
I like how there's no explanation for the green coat.

...or did the grape pie explode all over it?
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.18
Luigi_96, Apr 20 2015 09:26 pm
@BattleStarX: I'm despicable at strategy games. I barely beat the first Pikmin game. xD
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Sapar, Apr 20 2015 03:19 pm
@Fighter Dee: *gasp* Even my weird and creepy secrets?
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Fighter Dee, Apr 20 2015 03:08 pm
All the Dees have the same memories and what one discovers all do.
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Striffen Cloud, Apr 20 2015 01:02 pm
That must have been some explosion to turn Dedede's robes green.
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Extremmefan, Apr 20 2015 09:21 am
@BattleStarX: Don't worry about admitting you're Ulti's evil counterpart, I have one, and Shady "Mirror" Kirby here is Chunck.co's ("Danith"/"Kibanith" in-comic) evil counterpart, somehow.

Also, Dees uses their minds to communicat between them.

What's more, Kimsy is speaking a lot in this page, probably proving this is one fruitful report.
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
Shady "Mirror" Kirby, Apr 20 2015 08:41 am
Cause Cake needs no reason to plop in, it just need someone to eat it.
?oemac i nac
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.19
BattleStarX, Apr 19 2015 06:38 pm
Maybe I just like feeding information into the Dee subconscious.

Or maybe it's just another one of those quirks in this comic that'll NEVER be explained properly.

<img src="http://i1352.photobucket.com/albums/q657/JumboWheat01/Comic%20Stuff/Comme nt%20Quips/Quip-277_zpstscvjut6.png">
Of course, Ulti's a lot more structured and what-not. Yin and Yang.
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.17
eevee fan (Guest), Apr 19 2015 11:16 am
Just lay a trail of jelly beans to find him Pep .
Comment on Revenge? - Pt.18
Extremmefan, Apr 19 2015 03:40 am
@BattleStarX: My sister and I plays Project X Zone, even though she's horrible at strategy games (I don't want to see her playing Fire Emblem).

Also, Etam is an ANTI-author! So technically he has the contrary of author powers... but at least it'll be enough to maintain the White Space long enough.

Also, face-palming Dee in the last panel. And that was an easy convincing, for Cremu at last.


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