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Paulie's Sprite Archive

Yes, I actually went back to spriting x3 Don't get used to it though X3 I may stop. For now, I have enough free time to sprite. Enjoy X3

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Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thnuakfl for your help.
Prince Kilvas
April 7th, 2010
I can't sprite anymore. I will sprite for my own purposes, but no more sprite comics for me. I realize now that if I start a sprite comic, I can never finish it. So from now on, I'm only drawing comics. This archive will stay up, just to showcase what I do. But no more. YOu wonder what happened to the Pirate and Ninja thing, right? I took it off cause I couldn't complete it. I felt like I was under pressure to do it. Well, not anymore. I'm drawing my stuff from here out
Umbreon: Thanks XD But when it comes to longer hair, I didn't wanna mess up XD
March 25th, 2010
Just needs some eyelashes xD
Im sorry Im so slow..
ITs just school is getting in the way..
OMG it's me XD
XD nice job hun X333 I love it and thankyou soooooooo much >w< *tackles*
Crappy edit of my head is crappy XD I tried editing my head cause I can't make a head on my own XD so as I wait for Jamie to finish, I decided to give it a try XD Enjoy :D
XD I had to XD It came into mind and it seemed so funny to me XD
uh i dont have any yet
March 18th, 2010
But... but I already did this... ;~;

Eh I might do it again with a different character. Maybe one that can talk this time.
XDDD this was epic X3 and noes I got tagged XDD
Enjoy :D And this was fun XD
Nice! >w< I like how it came out X3 <33
I could put Louis as the pirate goon... meh... If I don't need it... just let me know... then I'll put him in.
I am NOT detailed XD I do like how this came out however XD A little homage to oneof my favorite Fire Emblem characters, Sephiran XD Enjoy :D Those who don't know him, just type in Sephiran in Google XD
Human would be nice, Angel XD
human or sonic?
That is awesome.
dvsjr: Okay

Angel: Send me sprites, then X3
i want water :D
March 14th, 2010
Thought so. Alright I'll PM you my cameo later.