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This comic is for me to show some of my crappy sprites and other stuff.

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Big Boss is better.
Yes i'm the person updating this everywhere
hheeeeeeeyyyyyy ggguuuyyysss.You dead yet?
It's great i mean the shading looks fine but it's the colors :\ make them darker
Brightest shade of red looks weird D:
Do some darker blue outlines in the middle and on left too but not to much.
Actualy its his hand , well kidn've. His beard is so thick he can't get his hand out of it so he poofed up a hand

I'm not sure if that's a wizard, or a monkey or something.

Is that a human shoving their arm out of his beard gasping for air? :>
KK Awesomesauce
August 4th, 2010
That is going to be so smexy.

Step-brothers is a lie now.
KK Awesomesauce
July 1st, 2010
poor eddi doesnt get the ladies :c
Wolfy Plz
July 1st, 2010
That sword be sexy
But not you :c
I request...... a Millie sprite
Herman is a crab I have in a Mario RP i've been having with some friends. He has a guitar and he uses it to attack , it contains magic but I didn't sprite it. You'll have to wait.
Who made this?