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Game Fail

This is GameFail. A comic that revolves around three people reviewing games, pointing out oddities, and overall screwing around in their free time...

Updates whenever we get to making the comics.
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5 Years Ago
This is GameFail. A comic that revolves around three people reviewing games, pointing out oddities, and overall screwing around in their free time...

Updates whenever we get to making the comics.

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We are currently having a intervention for Nick about his obsession with this game. We have tied him to a chair and forbid him from touching his computer for the next 24 hours. If you see him, please call us, cause that means he has escaped
The Red Idiot Ruins Everything...
And this is kinda what I've been doing teh past three days, cept not completely oblivious to everyone else around me nor spawning cookies magically in otehr peoples' rooms XD
Aaaand we're back! And with an interesting new plot point... As if we need a plot... Anyways, this is a huge project I'm working on, which everyone'll see in about... 5-7 comics... If not a bit longer, depends on when I get the prototype ready, then make necessary edits to make it the final version... This project is one huge sheet, and it's going to take a huge chunk of my time if I wanna finish it in time for it's unveiling, otherwise Imma have to make a smaller scale and shrink character sprites to give a size reference... Only me and a few others know what this project is and how big it really is... But it'll be important to the comic so patience and brainstorming is needed...

Also new banner that I made completely from scratch. =D
Purple?! In a Mr. Simon? What the heck?

Still: This is one of the best strips I've read in a while. Well-deserved five.
No Apocalypse Jokes Here
This is my deterrent until I can get the Christmas comic made. Once it is made I will post it Christmas day. Until then hope everyone has Happy Holidays.
Before anyone complains saying this is RT Animated Adventures rip off, it IS inspired by the segment, BUT it has some differences due to some things like how much space these panels had... I shoulda went with a different background, but eh.
Wonder how long he'll keep on screaming
FINALLY got off my lazy ass and sprited something useful. Improved the main room, along with made a Hallway with three doors for the bedrooms... Dear god this took awhile to finish... And I still need to get my room finished. ;-; In any case, the Broken Equipment Fund is my way of explaining how when things get broken, they're easily replaced. XP
Yep. New look and sprites for Nick. And yes, finally a damned update. Also... Chris... A receiver of pain since he was born. I almost feel sorry for him sometimes... Almost. XP *almost no one will understand the "receiver of pain" part*
@SSBBrawler: 2nd panel Strife was lifting Chris up fast so no chance to move, and to the surprise, I don't get what you're trying to say. Also, to the invisibility, think about what is occurring to Chris.
February 8th, 2012
Sorry. Chris, not Strife.

Still, the other points are valid. I didn't get what was happening to Chris until just now. Days after I have read it. That's not good.
@SSBBrawler: I think you need to figure out who's who first.
February 8th, 2012
Primarily, the "What the?!" implies surprise, shock, or something going wrong.
I really don't see how you think he's surprised by what I said there.
February 7th, 2012
Just a few quick words of advice. The sprites of the characters are too small. It's hard to get much from them when they are that small compared to the rest of the panel. I would suggest zooming in on them.

Also, lime green on a white bubble = extremely hard to read. Readers don't want to to have to squint to read what a character is saying.

Also, instead of having *normal conversation* written at the top of the first panel, show some more of the characters by having them actually talk. They could be talking about their favorite games, movies, etc.

Also, have your sprites move. Is Strife jumping in the second panel? Surprised? Make his eyes wide and have his arms and legs spread out so that it looks like he's been startled.

And why is Strife surprised when he uses the Oblivion chameleon trick? And if he's supposed to be invisible, why is he /not/ invisible?

Make a few tweaks, and this comic will be more presentable for the readers who might just be passing by so that you can rope them in easily.
Here's my intro, and all must acknowledge the glory of Skyrim.
January 30th, 2012
Finally an update, we need a banner damn it
November 2nd, 2011
Super Mario World... The only game I've ever gotten to play on a physical 2-D console!
I figure since it's October I'd make something to do with part of the Halloween theme, Ghosts. The Boo sprites were made by CyberShadow so credit goes to him. I edited the color palette on them just a tad so that they''d fit in better. This is one of the comics that took around an hour or two instead of 30 minutes. And btw Nick isn't scare, he was surprised.
October 2nd, 2011
You do realize that RE5 did have normal zombies in it at one point but it was scrapped because they did not offer enough challenge to players?