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7 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

Looking for author's with decent spriting skills and sprites ( ie. minor edit )
Also looking for an update at least once every 2 weeks.
Apply as a Co-Author
A quarantined city. 4 gangs controling everything in sight. Robbery, famine and death everywhere. How will you survive?

Authors: 11/15 ( may increase at a later date )

-------: RULES : ----------

1. NO ONE can leave the quarantine, thats the whole point of the comic.
2. You are allowed 2 other characters as well as your main character.
3. There are no rooms, however if you wish to create a den somewhere, pm Sam the Hegdehog, darkrana the evil misstress, Remmis!, Sable Lobo or Shadow knight 100 first and tell us where you want the den to be placed.

Recent Comments

we should ttly restart this
we should update

i would've a long time ago, but my comp was stolen

i can make one now but that is if ppl want to revive it
Oh hah... I just realized we left a plot hole in leaving this comic...

...I could come back in attempt to help revive this thing...

...That is, as long as your bitchy little emo girlfriend dosen't have any problem with it...
I'll probably post my intro as soon as I finish my sprites. 8D
>My face when update
Updates! Glorious updates!
Yes I know Virgil isnt a part of the comic now, but it was the main reason for Sam to be at the docks so I used it to get him there =3
Anyways, yes I updated, as this mini plot can actually mix in with a main plot I have planned.
Trust me. I plan to update as much as possible.
you shouldn't. I should have stated that in the first comment. I just didn't think ahead.
*feels dumb*
I know it's butter but I always say budder for some reason so I just said budder instead. This is actually on purpose.
Did anyone else think of looting this place? Seriously? Food has a key roll in SURVIVAL!
Yay! More updates!
And disguises would be good.
you should disguise yourself as one of them
Looks like me and starster own this comic now :D
But no, because the main owner of this comic don't feel like making a plot get, I decided to make my own mini plot. Feel like joining me by updating c:
Oh yes updating, the ruff n tuff update. I beliving you can all do it. It's quite easy, and should only take a hour or two. Depends on how much effort you put in it.

Me, on the other hand, forgot a few things. Like mouths, and was a tad sloppy, but it's a update right?
I'll give more effort when this gets more active, ya'know?
Hooray for inspiration!
Sprite and drawn comics are allowed for this =3
Although I had pretty much given up all hope for this comic, this update makes me want to try and get this comic going again.