Mega Man Battle Network 7

Mega Man Battle Network 7

by Pharaoh Man
The year is 20XX...

People are very lazy because they have Net Navis that do everything for them since even desks are controlled through the internet. Some people use these Net Navis for fighting and are called "Net Battlers". But, who is the strongest Net Battler? This new tournament will decide that.
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Mega Man Battle Network 7

The year is 20XX...

People are very lazy because they have Net Navis that do everything for them since even desks are controlled through the internet. Some people use these Net Navis for fighting and are called "Net Battlers". But, who is the strongest Net Battler? This new tournament will decide that.

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I find that to be highly unrealistic. Anyone would try to be cautious and do a check for any anomalies on the mother computer because of its importance. Just because it SEEMS like someone didn't do anything to it despite how they were attacking the security guards doesn't mean they didn't.

So the fact that no one noticed makes me feel like either cops or scientists are extremely lazy, extremely stupid, or CopyMan is just REALLY lucky.
Hooray, a callback!
Thank you for your comment,

however what I was referring to is that

serenade's data can stop bass and that would involve corruption or control
both of which bass has not only resisted, but stopped and have even won against where others (like megaman and protoman:examples Dark chips, /megaman's cybeast.) have not,

what you would be suggesting is that serenades data can control or corrupt bass to the point where he is unable to kill Starman,

but he has resisted and won against things much more powerful than serenade,

furthermore, Alpha and Gregar are both boss's that I have no doubt can defeat serenade, in Alpha is that you repeatedly have to hit his core to even start to damage him and that he has multi attacks like rapid fire and that even once you reach his core it will regenerate back and then you have to destroy it once again,

in Gregar's case it is his full body attacks in which he cannot be hit and which if they don't hit you with the first part of the body the next part of the body will.

it isn't that they purely absorb everything or destroy everything,

it is that they were more than powerful enough to affect much more than a single area or even powerful netnavi's

and bass even when defeated by Alpha survived being eaten

and absorbing a cybeast is even more impressive considering a cybeast when they are both together can affect the whole worlds net with just a roar,

if bass can absorb one that would be almost if not exactly like having the power to destroy or be able to effect half of the entire world's net

which is why I do not believe Serenade's data is going to stop bass even if absorbed and made a part of bass,

because Alpha could not stop him

and not even a cybeast could stop him and if you played the game's

you would know Serenade is not powerful enough to stop or destroy a cybeast let alone absorb one, therefore there is no way Serenade can stop bass who can and has absorbed one.
En Passant
August 18th, 2017
So that's what CopyMan looks like?
Yeah, I always found that scene strange. Thanks for clarifying exactly why he did that.
Classic "put virus on everything" scheme.
August 17th, 2017
Le gasp. Shock much, such reveal.
Pharaoh Man
August 17th, 2017
And now, 5 years later, you know what the point of that scene was.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: That was a HUGE clump of a paragraph to read. I recommend that you at least try to separate the paragraphs more so that they are more legible to be read.

Anyways, to respond to your case, in ALL of those cases that you are mentioning, the things that Bass has been absorbing all had a single thing in common: the desire to absorb or destroy.

Not a single thing you mentioned in there are anything like Serenade. She's not someone that seeks to absorb or destroy others. Yes, this comic made her resolve herself to destroy Bass, but beyond anything, Serenade's only wanted to help Bass get better before. Now that Serenade's been absorbed by Bass, part of her own will is also absorbed.

Of course, I could be wrong about it, like you said. We'll just have to wait and see how that battle goes. But clearly when Bass absorbed Serenade, something happened to him.
My above comment and prediction is not to biased or offensive but using the battle networks games as basis for my prediction based on prior prediction and my feeling to pitch in to add to them.
In regards to last page predictions...
For those of you who think bass is going to spare or be unable to delete Starman because of Serenade's program I would like to remind you this comic is continued after megaman battle network 6 meaning it, to some degree follows the battle network series and what you are suggesting is that serenade is powerful enough after getting absorbed after megaman battle network 1-6 is extremely unlikely, to date, considering what bass has gone through and lived through, he has taken the Life Virus's barrier, Gospal, which is a massive bug program which might I add is a giant sized black glitched out wolf, and absorbed it, got eaten by Alpha which was the net before the net which is the current net and is like a hive mind in the fact it can create more copies of itself through small alpha virus's, lucky megaman deleted it before more alpha's popped up since they did not reach a stage where they could survive without the original, except the 1 that gets megaman near the exit in megaman battle network 3, the dark chips are another example of bass being able to withstand not being corrupt when might I add both megaman and protoman succumbed to them for at least a short bit of time, and both required assistence to get back to normal, but bass has never once required assistence for the dark chips, not to mention, he has not even been corrupted by them, that says a lot about Bass's ability to not be controlled and for the final icing on the cake Bass absorbed the other cybeast depending on whether you played gregar or falzar, which are even more destructive than the other boss's because they shock the entire world net with just a roar, not a single one of the other boss can even compare to, considering they could only affect one network or a couple not the entire world's net, and if anyone beat falzar or gregar you would know megaman did not beat the cybeast he faced instead he came close and then got overtaken by the cybeast he face, he needed the original colonal's and original Iris's help just to log out and not even Iris and colonel combined together were able to survive the cybeast, they had to destroy themselves just to delete the cybeast and bass absorbed one of them and was not corrupted, even in the final battle in megaman battle network 6 it states that even though it looked like bass was deleted, that he was in fact still alive and you think serenade's data can overpower him, so he doesn't delete Starman, it would take a literal miracle for that to ever happen, the only way I can legitimately see Starman survive the fight with bass, is if bass sees him has a weakling who is so weak that he doesn't even want to waste his energy deleting him, because it ins't worth bass's time, or worst case scenario bass straight-up massacres Starman and deletes him, because I highly doubt with almost 100% chance that nothing will allow anything to save Starman from bass, with only one other exception is that somehow serenade's data or someone else appeals to Bass's good will, because if not the only will that is gonna be written, will be the last testament of Starman before he gets offed.
@Pharaoh Man: I wouldn't know, since I never remember my dreams.
@TheJGamer: At the end of BN6, Baryl seems to stay behind at the area that would have a massive explosion. Baryl never shows himself to Lan, so Lan wasn't completely sure if Baryl was alive, but it was hinted that he did know.
@SonicKnightFrazor: I believe he is finishing the last battle of the next round.
@Kristina Vera: Anetta ain't gonna win
@Kristina Vera: No, we literally saw all that it entails back on the ship during the party. Dex showed it off against Chaud.
@Kristina Vera: We already got to see it.