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The Everyday life of a girl and her dog.


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came back here again and was just about to write that I haven't forgotten about happy unison either but I see I laready did that beck when this came up! XD
And we love you :3 on a side note, if Abby's only 12 where is her mom and dad?
January 28th, 2012
Cute image. I can see something bigg is comming for this comic :3
January 28th, 2012
and we haven't forgotten about you ^_~
January 26th, 2012
Hey guyssss
Happy Unison is never far from my mind. I know I haven't been updating, but I have been busy with things.

Okay I've been playing neopets the majority of my absence...

But I've also been working on H.U. related things, such as resizing and touching up volumes 1 & 2 for publishing. As I've said, I'm trying out a new publisher, and I'm needing to resize the pages for a new format. But I'll be letting you guys order some copies as soon as I can!

I'm also working on another project, a pretty big one! But for now, it's a s-e-c-r-e-t<3 Hopefully it will be finished soon!

I didn't want you guys to give up on Happy Unison. Because next volume is going to be preeeeettttyy epic! I had a few of the important pages sketched so hopefuly after the editing of volumes 1 & 2, I'll be able to work on new pages!
dutchguy (Guest)
November 1st, 2011
Now I am considering to get a cat myself
just imagagine mroe houses stacked upon this one! XD
GAHHH D: i wanna dl it, but my sims 3 game keeps makig my lappy crash. :c

It's seems really cozy tho! xD
For all you guys who play Sims 3,
Abby and Toto's house, dowloadable for the Sims 3!!

The screenshotsand the actual house that you download isn't exactly the same. I ended up having to re-make the house >_< But this new one is slightly better!! So enjoy!!

It costs 39,017 sim munnys! XD

Also, although this is a house, I did mention that Abby and Toto live in an apartment.
Abby is his princess. I could see this going somewhere ^.^
Wow! Your adorable lines plus NostalgicHummingBird's sweet coloring is an awesome combo! Totally love this! :D And heck yeah! You need a fanart page for H.U.! >w<
AWW, TOO CUTE~! Q//U//Q Tee hee, I just love this! They all look so sweet! Abby in pigtails! And puppy Toto and kitten Sophie! MEGA ADORABLE. <3 Thanks, Nova! You draw the cutest stuff. :'3
I was so excited when I saw this was colored, haha
I was happy to have you post it! Thanks so much! I;m glad you like it~
All togeather now:

I beautiful colouring by NostalgicHummingBird. ;-; i was so happy to get this, and so soon after posting the lines!! DX Its such an amazing jo, I really really love the colours used, and the shading is super niceeee XD

It took me a while to post this, but its up now for you to enjoy

I think I will make a fanart page. I loooove!! LOVE getting fanart!! seeing everyone's different styles when drawing my characters is so interesting!!! and it's so flattering that you people care enough to draw something for me! I love drawing comics for you guys, and I don't expect anything back, besides your enjoyment, of course. But when I get fanart, it makes me so happpyyyy
toto's pose is the best hehe
But where's the sonic screwdriver? It would fix everything! (Well, not really, but it would fix the problem of not having one. Which I don't.)