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Zeroshi's Sprites

by Zeroshi
me making sprites
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Last Update
9 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

There will be only be a few rules.

1. You have to at least be a good spriter and story creator
2. Please no recolores. Im done making those but if you have to go ahead.
3. Just have fun!!!
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me making sprites


Recent Comments

*walks in*
honestly don't think I've heard a more cliche' background.
Shading is terrible.
And then contrast is also bad.
Doesn't look to good.
New character that i was trying to make. But with a few changes...

Not exactly sure with the hair but i think i did the clothes correctly.
i think i saw this before somewhere
what the title says.
June 5th, 2010
See what happened was that i can up with a female character for my comic but i can't edit females that well. So if you can please help me out.
Still weird shading.
Especially on the pants.
Look at the tutorials for spriting on the internet.
There's I think like 5 on sj.
eh didn't really care at the time but now when you point it out, it does look weird.
(why does it bug me when people do this)

You know the eyes are supposed to be touching the muzzle, right?
Title says it all.
shading and proportions.
Fix it.
OK new sheet made, it is more organized than my last ones and better in my opinion. all i need to do is add more sprites and it will be complete! also i will put up applications is you want to join.
Look up shading tutorials.
You've nearly got proportions right.
So much better, colours on the pants are really bright then really dark though :/
Ok it took me a while to realize that the hair my char had was ugly. so i hope the new one is much better!!
Almost done with this sheet. But i relly need to finish theses sprites for my new comic.
You should have added more detail. Tsk, tsk. Your starting to dissapoint me...