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a webcomic space opera set in an endless void.

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hahaha awesome. Yea love all the references and cameos. And the lazer effect in panel 1 looks great.
hahahahahah! some nice shout outs! Goomba is great Butch will love this. Your personal creatures are absolutely ridiculous haha
I actually laughed out loud at the goomba saying Oh sh-!
Another gruesome death by cute animals. When will the horror stop?

<div align="center"><img src=" 5/5c/Ff6mogart.jpg" width="300px" /></div>
Man I really like the style change and effects and everything on this one. The lines look great and the shading is top notch, especially the last panel.
So Happy this is back. I reread the whole mission and laughed out loud on more then a few occasions. This may be the funniest mission yet
I expect to hear these sound effects at a later time, too.

I really like the laser going from panel 1 to panel 4 like that - it adds an interesting depth to it.

I love the pacing in this comic. Your writing is evolving tremendously.

And I'm impressed how many emotions you can give Eyeola considering he's just an eye.
evoking sounds
I will ask you to perform this laser sound so i can hear it.
you should be proud of the sounds your comics make. They do so without you having to use letters. the color choice and combinations and blending options you administer have a sound language of their own! I once told a classmate of mine that his art sounded like a cartoon fart... and proceeded to imitate it for everyone in the group critique. yeah, i made a big impression.
I was making laser sounds with my mouth for about 20 minutes trying to come up with an appropriate sound effect
It looks good (the old color), and I love the way Na'Siik (didn't check spelling, sorry if it's wrong) says "Alright, shield's up, let's do it." I have a specific voice in mind when he speaks, and the way he says it (in my head) is exactly the way he should. Also, I think I like the banner/scarf thing he's wearing too (that's how it appears to me).

Eyeola is the best-looking pirate this side of Captain Crunch.

Excited to see the return of gemini :-)
got it
I'm all caught up now. I like the old style. No glare from the lights. I'm so proud of you. I knew you'd be fine getting in to it whenever you wanted to
Aw this is cute. I honestly need to review the last comic. I don't remember where they are..
Yeah, I changed art styles back to the old one again. Why? BECAUSE I OWN THIS SITE THAT'S WHY

<div align="center"><img src="" /></div>
Love the shoutouts, hahaha "I spy the dog"

It looks awesome, give it some more time and you'll get used to the program
I like the new lines too man. I know Mangastudio is a pain and can leave lines a little more jaggy than you want but I'm gonna go ahead and blame the program and not you, because I've seen before how clean you can be.
Overall still going strong. I love the glow effects and shadows look really natural.
But apart from the technical stuff.... this is funny lol. Love Jecks' casual blasting pose.
I like the new look. It definitely needs a little cleanup (noticeably around Jecks' shooting hand/gun in the last panel), but it's looking really good so far. Maybe thin out the border lines around the characters a little. Just my 2 cents.

And how did Peter get captured by these ruffians?
This is great! I love them. I spy the dog!
Considering how many problems the Gemini crew has found themselves in over the years, I really wonder what they actually teach people at Captain's school.
I feel like the world has just momentarily righted itself. It was weird going without .gemini for as long as we did.

As always, I love Alda's expressions. I also feel kinda bad for Skip; he seems like a genuinely nice guy who's very easy to love/hate and just doesn't know it.

What button is Alda pressing? A door? Or does the red color forebode an anger-induced mistake?