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Wut, how did I even end up here? I came here through Google Images!
Shard, what would you do if you saw a fluffy that reached to the edge to the outer space?
Dear Shard,

Hi it's me, how did you get the idea for making the characters Matt and Glandor and Shard in their Pokemon form?

From You Friend,
I actually prefer this version of Shard.
I guess I may never know, but now I'm scared
September 2nd, 2011
candies and maaagic
September 1st, 2011
Question from Zeroflare.
So uh.


This was awesome to answer.
Questions from Xavier the Dark and RyoSoulreaper.
Simply twist your entire comic. Twist it so much code leaks everywhere.
Did the comic even have a plot to begin with? I forget.
Question from Marioismyman.
When suddenly, a plot twist.
Shard even stole the non-existent fluffy of Kanos. Quite a feat. :3
August 21st, 2011
Question from TheDarkman1990.
Why do I always put these up as I'm about to go somewhere?
And now I feel like making some kind of rant about Két's name.
Thank you.
Somebody help me. ;-;
I sent in my question. ^^

EDIT: Wow, I forgot all about Stanley! That guy's so huge and furry, he would've made mammoths feel insecure!
Okay, make that third biggest fluffy. >.>
August 20th, 2011
Question from Kirbysmith [DJ].
Can't comment as I'm going out to dinner. But enjoy.
Sorry, I couldn't help it. The text was so small, and I was watching Psych at the time... with my third eye, whaaat~. TwT

EDIT: I lied. I don't have a third eye. I was just derp-eyed.
August 20th, 2011
@Kirbysmith [DJ]
I love how you posted a question in the comments without reading the page. :3
The Real Reason:
Try running down a steep hill at high speeds wearing jeans and NOT getting itchy legs afterwards.
I rest my case.
That, and my Kentucky-fried legs.
And no, I'm not a chicken.