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It's coming....


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September 17th, 2011
Apologies with High school and all. Anywho page 6! I decided to end Chapter 1 here since I gotta rush the story and decrease page numbers on this comic. And yes Chapter 1 ended so soon? I have my plans.
July 31st, 2011
This page was rushed for the sake of the update. Tomorrow I'll do the rest of the Photo-effects. As of right now I'm tired and I wanna go to sleep.

And page title....yet.....
July 24th, 2011
what the chili-dog are you talkign about?these effects are epic!
July 23rd, 2011
To be honest I'm...not proud of this one, too much glow and blurs and "unappealing" SFX fonts.
Which brings me to the case, to any of those who are reading this could you please PM or comment any type of fonts suited for/as an SFX? Thanks in advance.

The blue guy (Maxis) healed himself at the 2nd panel in case you were wondering.

Max(re-named Maxis here w/o permission >~>;)belongs to
July 18th, 2011
I'll just shut up and keep em coming...
Panels are choppy aren't they?
May 10th, 2010
Sup its been a while
the intro was good but this page not so much but dont worry genius is comeing
January 30th, 2010
I'm not pretty quite proud at this one either.
But oh well, maybe next time ;-;
January 23rd, 2010
So...a new one
After practicing with Photoshop and editing with paint, I think I'm ready to make a new comic. Anyway, not so much here, not proud of it but I'll try to do my best on this one.