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My first drawn comic.

Behold the sucky art-style and esoteric (meaning only Fallout 3 junkies would get it) humor of Failout 3!

NOTE: This comic is a temporary thing, unless I can think up enough gags to satisfy people.

Rated PG-13 for some rude humor, constant violent references, and occasional depictions of blood and gore.

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@Angelz_Blaze: What do you mean?

I said in the description that this is a temporary thing unless I find reason to make it otherwise. When I was working on the 20th comic I grew frustrated at how it just wasn't funny. Granted, that was four years ago, but I also haven't played Fallout 3 in just about as long.

Also, I doubt Fallout will be offline forever. If Fallout 4 doesn't conform to the recent trend of forced always-online multiplayer (see: Destiny), then they will almost certainly make Fallout Online at some point. Then, we shall have a showdown. >:B
@Ultimate Ridley: Maybe you should hand this project over to another... your not ready to tackle something like this just yet. Also, Fallout isn't online, so you'll never touch me. >:D
September 29th, 2011
C'mon, when are you updating this? I loved this comic series and it would be a bit disappointing if it was officially ended.
you forgot about killing the overseer

also, this comic died? its great =D
Actually, there's several ways to escape the Vault.
1. Threaten to kill Amata
2. Pick the lock and hack the computer
3. Get the Key from a dresser in the Overseer's living quarters and the password from a cabinet in his office
4. Pick the Overseer's pocket
March 26th, 2010
when I encountered that gang I just threw a grenade and everyone blew to hell
I got God of War 3 and now I'm temporaly addicted xd
I killed both overseers hehe they were kind of annoying
its frustrating how, after you help restore order in the Vault, you get kicked out by your supposedly best friend Amata (after that,you can kill Amata... I did, I killed all the Vault actually so my character is like, the devil and shit xd)
March 24th, 2010
Silver was great, I preordered it but haven't played it yet
I've always wondered why that unclothed Raider still attacks even after you save him. Provided, of course, you saved him.

For anyone confused, there is a random encounter where you find about three to four Raiders, two to three of whom are clothed and wielding baseball bats, as they beat the crap out of an unclothed Raider, perhaps as part of some sort of initiation. I figured this'd be a great reason for why he still attacks. :D

Sorry. I was about to not update today. I got SoulSilver for my birthday yesterday, as well as a state-of-the-art gaming computer that is better than anything on the market. I'm hyperfocusing on SoulSilver.

I started the game at 8:30 last night, went to bed at 11:00, woke up, played a bit, and played it for two hours straight.

Level 41 Feraligatr, with Sudowoodo, Red Gyarados, and six gym badges.

I'm not obsessed!

Silver version (the original) was and is my favorite game of all time...
I think I pick pocketed him as well haha.
I just pickpocket him, open the exit, help amata and run to the exit.
March 22nd, 2010
reavers suck. thank you ghoul mask :D
To true man, to true
I found that place screwed up. Especially when the man voice started.
it's not a mod it's a DLC....noob guest.
I hate when that happens. I think they gave the Nuka-Cola too much weight. fav'd.
I was lv 30 and then I went to finish broken steel. the game glitched and I had to start over from the beginning D:
I don't know what my thing is with Vault 101. There's just a lot to make fun of, I guess?

Those of you confused, the guy in the middle two panels is Allen Mack, the man who will replace Alphonse Almodovar as Overseer if you kill him during your escape from Vault 101.

The only way to escape Vault 101 without killing the Overseer is to threaten to kill Amata (his daughter) if he doesn't hand over the keys to his office and the password to his terminal. He'll say something along the lines of what he says in the comic, and willingly give you the keys. It's kind of funny, because you can't really KILL Amata. She's plot essential; she'll go unconscious and wake up seconds later if you try to kill her.

Ironically, my GOOD character ended up killing Alphonse (when escaping) AND Allen (when you return to the Vault). But my BAD character threatened Amata's life, so he left in peace. And still, when I returned to the Vault, Alphonse remained alive when I left the Vault. It's just kind of ironic. I kill these people on my good file, and I spare them on my bad file. Hm.
March 18th, 2010
hahahhaa! hilarious, I love the stupid excuses from the overseer
so he was born with the enclave armor already? hehehe aww hes like, tiny xd