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Lost on the last planet in the galaxy,
Gary and Dani try to find themselves
on an alien world.

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oh, it's a cliff hanger!!
March 2nd, 2013
there are three more chapters that are in the book that are no longer here on the site. so get your copy and see where the adventure takes you!
March 2nd, 2013
finally! forgotten planet is on for purchase.

Here is the link

if you are a supporter of web comics and indy comics,
please give FP a try. and if you can, comment on the amazon page.

hope everyone has also been following BFC titles like Abby in Hell,
Kill Me or Die, and Snowmen in the Springtime.

Thanks everyone for all the help!
hello, i love you!
money shot!
niagra falls! slowly i turn... step by step...
next stop... furthest planet in the universe.
it's quiet. too quiet.
let the krinkle begin!!
@Ultima527: don't worry man i did that too
notice when he says handsome and kind she only says kind. lol
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
MX Inc. saying Hi!
Your's truly is a forbidden love story that really gets one hooked. Nice job.
It's odd as can be but I really like it.
I'm sure the Robot is going to fly their ship to save her. But how? It's half buried in the planet their trapped on.I look forward to see you pull that one off.
3,4, better lock your door...
hey thanks! i like that online comics are better viewed in the horizontal format. i've always only worked in the vertical till sj. i intend to print these chapters in this same format.
Good Composition
I really like how this page sustains the tension and action using an unusual composition. Nice one!
lmao i love it!! :) i faved this comic it's just amazing.
From my hearts.