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This comic is restarting, and we (the authors) have not thought up a new description yet.

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8 Years Ago

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You can't say curse words exept for arse, friggin, cripes, crud, crap, and retard, which I don't even think count. You can use slight blood, though, but not truckloads of it.
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This comic is restarting, and we (the authors) have not thought up a new description yet.


Recent Comments

can i join if this comic if its not dead
Can I join somehow?
the story was pretty much about people who are suffering and need help or are looking for help.

I think...
Maybe she can bring it back from the dead.................. As a zombie!

Dun dun duuunnnnn.

Honestly. I'm still not getting the story.
So is it starting over?
October 25th, 2010
Rebirth of the Rebirth
September 30th, 2010
let me guess, the comic has died, but the comic has been removed?
September 17th, 2010
The comic reseted into this: (but the comic suffers from karadomistheonlyupdater syndrom)
I'll let you in as a super user if you want..)
Meet lug zak
Hey Zak one of your Number one guest fans.
You should meet a guy named Lugbzurg(call him lug).
he has the blue lazer attack coming from his hand too!
Also you should join EOR (Epigy of Randomness) just like Lugbzurg & Fiora!
The comic has been moved to here.
Authors: The Last Stand?
how about.. "trying to survive in the city of hell"
Got this idea from a song title, but how bout "Our Solemn Hour?"
Or..... something to that effect....
I didn't care about the rule because I don't cuss.
(the last title was sarcastic BTW)

Aftershock? As in After the Shock of the A-bombs?
@ Exclane: I'm with ya.
"Dead World" Cause world is near deaad and what not ;-;
Maybe. It could be called "The Authors left behind" After all, that's what the banner says.
I probably could have used my old intro.

But I didn't.
yay me in new banner..btw guys im grounded for a while..