Sonic The Hedgehog: SuperSonic Saga
With the Legendary Chaos Emeralds in the hands of Eggman, Sonic has to fight to get them back, or Eggman would rule the world. Teaming up with Shadow, Watch how 2 heroes power up and fight.

Notice: This will be a serious comic, with little to no comedy!

Updates to Occur: Sunday and Wednesday unless stated otherwise

Latest Comments

Comment on Ch. 3 Page 15
Guest, 21 Aug 2014 02:18 am
This is actually really good, it has a DBZ feeling to it, keep up the good work.
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 17
Ultimate the Hedgehog, 07 Jul 2014 04:47 pm
staying tuned
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 17
copafire, 07 Jul 2014 03:26 am
Alright people, heres an update from me, sorry for the wait, my life has been and still is hectic, so bare with me. I'm going to keep this going.

Stay tuned and comment!

(get a tumblr if you don't have one, and check mine out)
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 16
Ultimate the Hedgehog, 24 Dec 2013 06:16 pm
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 16
copafire, 24 Dec 2013 05:04 am
Finally, after a long time, the main villain of this other dimension reveals himself, but you all knew this was coming, so enjoy none the less...

Please Comment as I crave attention XD

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from all of us here at Sonic the Hedgehog: SuperSonic Saga! May the holidays treat you all well!
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 15
Ultimate the Hedgehog, 16 Nov 2013 01:55 am
good work
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 15
jrosecomics, 16 Nov 2013 01:29 am
Hooray I haves something to read now
Thanks Mane
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 15
copafire, 15 Nov 2013 07:30 pm
Updates will come when I get free time, otherwise stay tuned!

Enjoy and comment!
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 14.5 (September 11th Remembrance)
Ultimate the Hedgehog, 12 Sep 2013 02:20 am
Oh God, I actually forgot that it was 9/11!

Thank you for reminding me.
Comment on Ch. 3 Page 14.5 (September 11th Remembrance)
copafire, 11 Sep 2013 11:27 pm
Sorry for the lack of updates, but at least you get something from me, I'll get around to making updates, stay tuned...

Lets Never Forget... *bows his head*


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