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Sonic The Hedgehog: SuperSonic Saga

With the Legendary Chaos Emeralds in the hands of Eggman, Sonic has to fight to get them back, or Eggman would rule the world. Teaming up with Shadow, Watch how 2 heroes power up and fight.

Notice: This will be a serious comic, with little to no comedy!

Updates to Occur: Sunday and Wednesday unless stated otherwise

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December 25th, 2016
I promised a Comic before the end of the year and here I delivered on Christmas. Getting some progress in and all that. Anywho, I'll be trying to update this comic more, because I told myself that I will complete this comic and I intend to do just that.

Enjoy the update and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Oh and Stay Tuned! ^^

Note: Any comment claiming this comic is dead will not be tolerated and will be deleted after today
September 13th, 2016
could I have it in text please?
Picture isn't working for me
September 11th, 2016
All will be explained in the news post.
Welp, i'm gonna say with confidence that this comic is dead, dead, dead. 2 years with no updates to the comic itself whatsoever. Shame, really.
Sorry for being late with this and for not updating within he last year between comics. I still want to continue this comic to the end.

Anyway, Honoring those who lost their lives back on 9/11/2001.

Never Forget.
Shit is about to hit the fan, I repeat, shit is about to hit the fan
the secret of going super: get angry
what with the DBZ reference?
what with the DBZ reference?
death+best friend= Emoness
It the end of world as know it
Honestly thought he was going dark Sonic
I'm glad you always remember.
...In honor of September 11th...

Lets... never forget...
August 20th, 2014
This is actually really good, it has a DBZ feeling to it, keep up the good work.
staying tuned
Alright people, heres an update from me, sorry for the wait, my life has been and still is hectic, so bare with me. I'm going to keep this going.

Stay tuned and comment!

(get a tumblr if you don't have one, and check mine out)
December 23rd, 2013
Finally, after a long time, the main villain of this other dimension reveals himself, but you all knew this was coming, so enjoy none the less...

Please Comment as I crave attention XD

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from all of us here at Sonic the Hedgehog: SuperSonic Saga! May the holidays treat you all well!
good work