Alex and Kevin are friends and they live together since they were 21 years old, until Kevin decided to get in trouble. The two were separated: Alex ended up in the hands of a ruthless killer known as Anger, and Kevin puts his life in the hands of Jelom and Upper, the first a Palestinian guy who always wears a gas mask and the other an African-American middle-aged man with a passion for firearms.
Alex is imprisoned and Anger forces him to kill for a living, while Jelom convinces Kevin that the real enemy is just his friend Alex.
Kevin is not convinced of this hypothesis and he makes sure that Alex will come back to live with him and his group, but the young killer shows impatience towards the solitary life they impose to him and, with an excuse, he decides to go away.



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Lol that how much sugar I put in my tea XD
It's been a while! Hope you're doing well! :D
I wanna let you know I'm updating CyberSteel on Tapastic and old chapter 'Farewell' is available through the site too.

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Yes I did! It arrived here in Dayton, OH about two weeks ago in excellent shape.
Thank you for your art and time.
Order done. Now the waiting...
Hello guys!
We're proud to announce CyberSteel - Farewell is now available for preorder.
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@Total_Tempest10: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. :3
@Total_Tempest10: You're close... :P
So no more? *sobs*
Are they even related?
I had a feeling that was his dad... Uncle.... Yeah.
Lmfao. Got I love this. The first panel was a riot. The first thing he did was put up his fist lmfao. OMG though the art in this comic is stunning. All of the different characters show so much hardwork and dedication. ✌️
Alex is officially the shit and I love his smartassery.
After he left... I would run the fuck away.
Oh shit.
DEFINITELY wasn't expect him to go Elfen Lied in this. Daaayyyuuuumm.
This is so cuuute!
aww...that tear
O___o GAHHHH!!!

Here's hoping you put out another amazing yaoi comic like this. I'll be on that like fruit-flies on a bad banana. xD
This is the last page of the comic, guys. ;A; *ugly sobbing*

I want to let you know we will print the comic in COLORS and the colored version won't be available online.

I'm about to open a StorEnvy shop for preordering the hard copy of the book.

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