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Games People Play - Updated Weekly

Games People Play - Updated Weekly

by Dogbert
Your weekly 1-stop for satire on roleplaying games, videogames, politics... or whatever geek stuf, really. Not for the easily offended. You have been warned.

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Games People Play - Updated Weekly

Your weekly 1-stop for satire on roleplaying games, videogames, politics... or whatever geek stuf, really. Not for the easily offended. You have been warned.

Feedback and comments at


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February 28th, 2018
So the ESA think they can fool congress into letting them continue their rapacious marketing habits by setting the ESRB with a warning that's as vague as it is useless. If they're resorting to this mendacious crap that means their lobbyists may not be as powerful as they'd like, and they do fear the US congress.

Anyway... if Penny Arcade doesn't beat me to the punch on this note I'll be most disappointed, since they have already let two of these go already. I'll feel alone, very alone... like, John-The-Baptist-alone.


P.S: Yes, the first three warnings apply to all physical objects composed of non-dark matter. It's physics.
February 24th, 2018
The Cold Civil War
As if it wasn't evident enough on which side of the fence the NRA sits on in this war I can only truly call "good vs. evil" at this point, the NRA has ratified his allegiance to satan and all that is unholy by ratifying Ajit Pai's contribution to our inevitable dystopic future. Also, the award plaque came with a commemorative gun.

No additional comments, really. The comic basically wrote itself.

Alfonso (Guest)
February 14th, 2018
Well, you can always play the Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV if your pc can't handle the tech specs of what the game needs to run in it.
By the time I put this comic in the queue, GRIMMERSPACE's KICKSTARTER has yet to open. Hopefully it won't just go up in vaporware.

I have yet to read Snipes' book, but if he's on a writing spree, this book makes me curious.

A Game of Force
If I had to name one, and only one, reason behind Confederate's boycott, I'd say that's Poe's Law.

Confederate was supposed to be a cautionary tale, a warning of the nightmares that could be unleashed if the cancers posing as men happened to have their way. Alas, show THAT kind of story nowadays and all the nazi rednecks would take it as validation of their evil in a way not unlike corporate cancers twisted Who Stole My Cheese's message into a justification of management's worst practices everywhere.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Anyway, HBO's dynamic duo? Yeah, they got a new gig.
February 4th, 2018
The Final Fantasy XV Benchmark
If you have a gaming PC, you want Final Fantasy XV.

If you want to make sure of how well your machine will do running it: Here's the free diagnose software from Squeenix.

As expected, AGAIN Squeenix didn't bother with enabling multi-core processing and thus the game demands nine times the specs it actually should, so be prepared.

January 29th, 2018
"Jesus! Please Me!" ok noice grammer
The Other Shoe
It doesn't take an Einstein to foresee what happens next.

This is the part where "someone" pitches to 45's cabinet that perhaps "someone" should be entrusted with the monopoly of social media (as a start) "in order to protect democracy." Don't listen to what Zuckerberg "says," look at what he DOES (like banning on Twitter not the nazis, but the people who protest against them). He is not on your side.

You're looking at the incoming birth of the Ministry Of Truth.


P.D: For those who don't know what Weibo is... pray you don't have to find out.
January 20th, 2018
The best possible concept
...delivered to you in the worst possible way.

Let's make things clear.

If Labo was a software for creating cardbord-cutout patterns, I'd eat my words.

If the new Mario Kart (as well as all future Switch racing games) was patched to use the pedal-and-handle cartboard toys from Labo's starting kit, I'd eat my words.

If the "Labo robot" kit had instead been packaged with the new Gundam Breakers (thus, being a real game rather than a proof-of-concept app), I'd eat my words.

If the piano app in the bundle had instead been a Guitar Hero game (this, an actual game), I'd eat my words.

Otherwise? You don't need to blow 70 dollars to make your own cardboard sword and use it to play Hyrule Warriors (saying the game has such functionality, Idk).

See, I wish the Switch to thrive as much as anyone else, but this time? Sorry, the king is naked.

New Year's resolutions
Yes, this was part of my new year's resolutions. It's not like I'll be disappointing a lot of people anyway.
January 17th, 2018
And for something completely different
...some Mexican news.

Yes, I rarely report on my own country's news... because if U.S' news depressed me to the point of avoiding politics in the comic for eight months, you don't even want to know how I feel about my the state of my country (I did this one because the punchline basically wrote itself and presented to me on a platter).

Anyway, peace.
January 7th, 2018
...Where no Trek has gone before
So, not only a Trek movie by Tarantino, it's also going to be rated R.

I really was hoping it was a joke, I really hoped first thing in the new year would be Paramount debunking that rumor... but alas, they didn't.

What's next? HBO doing Star Wars?
January 4th, 2018
Last Week In The News
If you live in the US, you probably want to buy that book.

Granted, you need to look no further than twitter and tv to see 45's idiocy, but having the complete compilation handy is always a plus, and the fact that 45 wants that book to cease existing only adds to its value. "Cease and Desist" is the new "Stop the press!" (for those of you born after news papers, that used to mean "release this for yesterday").

Fun Fact: Buying all existing copies of an "uncomfortable truths" publication is Mexico's government's way to silence what few examples of good journalism we have.

@Afro goblin: Ikr? I mean, sure, in Japan it's old news. The internet picks the darndest things to elevate.
I'm amazed we've managed to glorify Poop of all things. Horrifies me when I see ads where children are holding up "poop emoji" toys......
December 4th, 2017
Season Greetings
I don't dare saying "Happy Holidays."

There are millions out there who are being miserable as I type this.

Still, try to make the best of the Holidays. Hug your loved ones.
DoubleThink R Us
After hearing that, seemingly, some deranged members of the alt-right are now adopting The Punisher as their new Pepe, that social media post I saw from a marvel writer a couple weeks ago suddenly made a lot more sense. While I can't find the aforementioned post, the poster complained about how they have been working for decades on stories centered on protagonists that fight oppression and discrimination only for people to go and root for the sentinels.

I can only imagine the colossal amount of mental gymnastics a wannabe-nazi must go through to watch Frank Castle smash the skulls of a white trash group and give them concrete shoes before they could kill a latino immigrant... and then think that, for some reason, Castle stands with his anti-values of hatred and pettiness.

In any case, the series has plenty of Marvel's vets as exec producers and the music is done by Tyler Bates. Watch it.
Round 5?
The fight for net neutrality is becoming like being a recovering alcoholic working at a winery. First you thought you only struggled with detox once and you were free... then you have to struggle again, and again, and then it's every day, and then it's EVERY. FREAKING. HOUR.

Also, like all other monsters from the current Cobra regime, now Pai resorts to victim rhetoric, and suddenly the villain is not him, but whistleblowers and protestors.

So, your yearly reminder: This December, Ajit Pai will try to kill net neutrality again. If you live in the U.S, contact your representatives, and give the FCC a piece of your mind.
May final doom be staved off one more year
Just that, no cheer.

It's just pathfinder 40k, but they made the mistake of making the universes the same because of Canonical fucking aliens in Pathfinder. That's where all the setting based errors come about.

Also even if they made a Pathfinder 2E and didn't include the faults you mention, then they'd just be bankrupting themselves because their fans who actually vocalize and don't get banned are fucking retards who care more about the effect on their bookshelves and physical collections than they do about the rules, and the rules they do care about is all about being endeared to "optimization" and pretending everything is perfect and if you disagree with them you can fuck off. After all that's Paizo's market, disgruntled whiners about 4e who just wanted more and more splat books instead of accepting an evolution from their Min/Max caster fagging.

Which makes you saying 3.X is the non-draconian side is fucking hilarious. As much bitching as you and other "personalities" makes about it, in practice of 5e it's more like if something isn't there at a minor inconvenience, then you ask the GM and 8/10 times they'll say "yeah sure" rather than having to beg and suck their dick for the GM to do anything in your favor, because most GMs understand it's not a competition between them and the players. But considering your comic is a strawman and you're a whining git who uses extremes, it makes me wonder if you have an actual group to run and discuss things with.