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Did you delete all my comments or did they disappear when my account did, haven't checked this shit in like 5 years.
Holy crap! Good to see you've updated the comic. :D
Computer's still fucked up. Drew this with a Sharpie last night, colored and uploaded on my in-laws' PC just now.
Where has our dear Tardmonkey run off to! D:
If you people would actually read the news posts on the front page once in a while. . .
. . .it's already been explained. My computer's dead, can't get it fixed right away, occasionally using my father in law's computer to check email and stuff until my PC is fixed, comic comes back when that's taken care of.

That's about the long and short of it. I've got no way to do the comic at the moment, but as soon as I do, the comic is coming back.
Looks like not even April 1st will be when it comes back.

Guess waiting til April 1st is too much for some people. And it hasn't been a year. Look up at the comic date at the top.
I dont think you people are right! It's been two monthes, or so. Comics that go dead, are like a year without uploading. I know. I've seen it!
Jeez, thats quite the wait if you ask me...
This has to be the best comic of the lot.

Simply for the last panel.
No, not dead. . .
. . .Just resting. The comic comes back April 1st (no, that's not an April Fool's joke).
Nah, just busy working on some character designs, and debating whether or not to continue with this story arc, or move on.
Hey Tardmonkey...
Are you dead?
Hey... I spent the last hour reading all your comics, so can i get a TardMonkey stash box for my time?

Anyways, cool comic.
*screams* OMG! *lands on Budz* I lub you and the random Star Trek reference. Go Pete!!!! hehe
My girlfriend's standard comment when I start babbling about all things Trek, "God, why am I dating you?"
Now, Rob. . .
. . .One need not be a trekkie to identify with Pete's feeling of "What the FUCK?!" at Joe's undeniably geeky diatribe on Trek "history". One of the great things about this joke is that we ALL know someone who will try, as Joe did with Pete, to "educate" us about Trek.