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A Girl.
A Copy Shop.
How do you define hell?

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@XMinusOne: hey! no, there is a finish to the story! just go to (look up abby in hell) and get your copy! the full graphic novel is printed there. support the independent comic revolution! thanks for reading!
No updates in two months, is this comic dead? Too bad if it is as I have enjoyed it so far.
September 15th, 2013
nice job
I'm really liking this book, I like the artwork a lot. I will say this though and this I very minor detail, where it says Duplicity copy center could have been skewered in photoshop and made to look like it was running down the side of the building a little better, but other than that it looks great. Awesome work
abby in hell is in print! we are pleased to announce that AIH is now available on at this link
if you loved the web comic you'll love the graphic novel in print even more! support the independent publishing movement and get a copy for yourself.
there are two more chapters in the printed version so get your copy and see what bone chewing situation abby has gotten herself into!
thanks everyone for all of the support!
remember to check out forgotten planet (also on amazon), kill me or die (still on smackjeeves) and snowmen in the springtime. all books are under by neil r king. please leave comments on amazon as it will help with sales!
the truth has been spoken
normal day huh?
Cheese fries make me EUPHORIC.
thanks so much, JeanDedeaux! i really enjoy drawing her.
Abby in hell is awesome! Great Job!
i updated the values in this one to go with the intro pages.
it's more like the zombies are a a philosophical way of showing what's going on in Abby's life.
peaceful yet agitated. it'll be the last bit of peace for a while.
and away we go!
all in the flow.
ok! some intro work!
I love that his name is Lon. <3
This is such an interesting story. Your comic is going into my favorites!
elmer and his sexual frustrations.
pink cadillac, plush leather seats...