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Serious Times

Serious Times

Let's get serious...
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Accepting Author Applications

--The Rules have changed... (21/11/2018)--

We're currently full. No longer accepting any more applications.


Basically, this is what we're looking for:

#1. An author who knows how to make a decent comic. Basically, you should have decent presentation skills, cooperation, effects, structure and so on.

#2. Good sprite sheets, I don't mind minor edits.

#3. An author who is able to follow the current story/plot and not cause plot holes. If not, don't be afraid to ask.

#4. An author who is able to think of good jokes, character interactions and sometimes drama. We're not looking for constant fights or trying too hard to be Anime like (e.g DBZ, Naruto, etc) and we don't want lazy writing either.

#5. Authors must NOT pick random fights with other author characters, we're not interested in training rooms or power boasts. We're a group of misfits and weirdos who band together.
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Serious Times

Let's get serious...

Recent Comments

I am thou...

Thou art I...
I guess you can say this was an open and shut case! -studio laughter-
Case closed...?
the demons told me to

(plokman off screen)

You're thinking of Sarah.
Serious Times lack of updates doubles as a void
Wasn't she trapped in a dimension?
I remember the time my ex tried to kill me.

it was because she didn't like my hat
Kendra needs to take anger management classes.
Oh ok then.
Ah, so this is the origin of the alternate G.B.A. that appears in G.B.A.'s Crib!< br />
That was fun.
G.B.A needs to consider dating other kinds of people. His type preference has clearly backfired.
Goddammit G.B.A get your crazy ex in line
Yeah fuck them and the subplot they rode in on!
Aw shit here we go again
Incoming sub-plot of incomingness!
Good lord what a mess, it's like that Animaniacs episode, does anyone have a context sensitive remote with a freeze frame button?

Also to quote the Snowman "Gosh it's hot" maybe we can get out before my joints fuse and or we melt.