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Serious Times

Serious Times

Let's get serious...
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Accepting Author Applications

--The Rules have changed... (07/02/2013)--

What I'm basically looking for here is:

#1. An author who knows how to make a decent comic. Basically decent presentation skills, cooperation, effects, structure and so on.
#2. Good sprite sheets, I don't mind minor edits.
#3. An author who is able to follow the current story/plot and not cause plot holes.
#4. An author who is able think of good jokes, character interactions and sometimes drama. We're not looking for stupid fighting scenes from Anime (e.g DBZ, Bleach etc) and we don't want lazy writing either.
#5. Authors must NOT pick random fights with other author characters, we're not interested in training rooms or power boasts.


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Serious Times

Let's get serious...

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And on another note: Can someone PM me the link to the discord server
This can't be good

That was mean.
Sure nice of G.B.A's friends to invite us to a party, gey Luigi?
fucking amazing update
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Right then. Moving the plot.

Plot plot plot plot plot plotty plot!

Also, can you cool peps get over to our funny disco club groupie?
I'm reading Officer McCrane's dialogue in the voice of Zapp Brannigan
And it's finally here
Performing for you
OH SHIT i missed it
worth teh wait
I AM THE RETURN. And with a comic too, sorry for the wait.

So, our intrepid gang of heroes gains access to the security tapes at the DangerCo. Deadly Equipment Warehouse (seriously?). Where they witness those dastardly thieves breaking into the building. But wait, weren't there three of them?

Another long update is coming up.

Thanks for being patient.
And no one was heard from again
I didn't realize this sooner but thanks for all the resistance references rover :U
@Guest: But not in the way that you think. c;