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Serious Times

Serious Times

Let's get serious...
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Accepting Author Applications

--The Rules have changed... (21/11/2018)--

We're currently full. No longer accepting any more applications.


Basically, this is what we're looking for:

#1. An author who knows how to make a decent comic. Basically, you should have decent presentation skills, cooperation, effects, structure and so on.

#2. Good sprite sheets, I don't mind minor edits.

#3. An author who is able to follow the current story/plot and not cause plot holes. If not, don't be afraid to ask.

#4. An author who is able to think of good jokes, character interactions and sometimes drama. We're not looking for constant fights or trying too hard to be Anime like (e.g DBZ, Naruto, etc) and we don't want lazy writing either.

#5. Authors must NOT pick random fights with other author characters, we're not interested in training rooms or power boasts. We're a group of misfits and weirdos who band together.
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Serious Times

Let's get serious...

Recent Comments

But but, why was SMF so ready with his noose and stool
we're gonna die!

Or are we...?
time to fry
@Smiffy SMF <3

The Die is Cast.
time to die
Gyoshi's hair is apparently a part of his skeleton
Yeah never fight someone with 10th level touch of death, for comparison a Goomba has level .5 ToD. Mortals have at best level 5 (That is death magic in general) only a few beings have level ten and Grim here is definitely one of em.

Lv. 10 touch of Death, kills anyone or anything in the grasp of the wielder. True divine and demons with immortality are not affected as they are typically ha bit higher on power. DnD and FF logics combined.
Good god...

He ded

also this plot is based around this one joke everyone forgot oooo-randalf/
Randalf is literally CHOKING on the dollar bills, if you know what I mean.


He's here to collect the bitcoin Randalf promised him in exchange for false identification to enter another cartoon.
Chapter 10, where things get oddly... odd?

What has come towards the house now? An evil gambling guy or gal or a foreign plague of debt?!

Tune in to find out!

~~Script by Gyoshi~~
G.B.A watch out, you have a stalker! Quick, board up the windows and lock the doors so she can't get in!
Don't ever tell yourself that.
Instead have others tell you.
What is a G.B.A?
A Mysterious Sprite of Secrets but enough jokes!
It's time to get Serious!
Game Boy Advanced is GBA
Don't you know your consoles and handhelds? Gawsh.
He just went to the store to buy some food. Chill out guys.