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Quickly drawn comic strips that have nothing to do with each other~

Credit for the title of this goes to my friend Jared. :'D


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this was like dejavu, that happened to me too. i hate eating broken candy canes, i like to break them myself OTL
January 6th, 2011
When I was diagnosed with aspergers, I had the same reaction ^^;;;;
December 23rd, 2010
Haha. My step dad and best friend both have aspergers. Except my step dad isn't the best with it.... haha.
But my reaction to first hearing that term was EXACTLY the same, so I got a good laugh out of this. xD
October 13th, 2010
I'll award you with an award for awardable webcomics.
September 30th, 2010
YaY FF13!
whoa! that was kinda unexpected XD haha
xDD Oh god, I love this. :'D
DUH!! :3
Haha... don't know the game, but it's still funny!
My perception is similar... there's no "agreeable" temperature, there's just too cold and too hot! ^^;
Haha... that's an understandable reaction.
haha the magic pocket o_o
I haven't played the game either; but I really like the prev. page's comic. that is exactly how I feel about weather xD
waaa i haven't played it ;o;
but it's still cute~! 8D
I'm from Texas. Our low last night was 54. It get's up to the 70s here. What is this "snow" and these "blizzards" you speak of? Never seen them.
Yeah reminds me of the weather here in Mass XD
It really is xD
Ugh, it went from nice a 50 degree rainstorm to a friggin' blizzard in a matter of hours here. D:< It pissed me off. And I always get so weirded out when it's snowing/thundering at the same time. o_o