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That RP comic

Catering to the webcomic needs of the RP community since October 2006.

We talk about other stuff too sometimes... Because we're awsome.
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12 Years Ago
Catering to the webcomic needs of the RP community since October 2006.

We talk about other stuff too sometimes... Because we're awsome.

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That'd be a fantastic first vote for me. It'd be a sin to just not vote for him if he ran XD
This comic taught me one thing though...people with tails must have a hard time sitting...

Also...Game Gear? Wow...I only saw one of them once in my life! Played it to death for about five hours while I had it though...that's when they still were new I think...Ah, old times, old times...
Ebay sucks that way
Nuff said. But I agree thats why I dont talk politics with most people.
There are so many uninformed liberal democrats here.

The key word being uninformed. My mother is a liberal democrat, but she knows her shit and I can have a decent discussion with her. But art school is full of idiots.
dont quite follow you but to each there own. Being military myself Republican has its pros and cons. I honestly cant wait till we get a new president.
I was a democrat until I went to art school. >__> Had to convert to balance things out.
I didnt see that coming but it should be expected. all the good artist I know are republican. weird...
i like the last panel :3
April 21st, 2008
This here? Totally true story. I was bidding on the Magic Knight Rayearth edition Game Gear. I watched it for WEEKS hoping it wouldn't go up too high so that I wouldn't be spending too much on it.

Then like an hour before the auction ended, there were like 3 more bids.

My friend Harli sniped it for me and its now sitting proudly on my desk wrapped in plastic until I can find walk throughs for the two MKR game gear games so I can play it.
What about...
Meta Knight. I have awesome with him. I could probably beat someone playing Pikachu with Meta Knight.
Hehe. Our Simon isn't exactly 'jealous' (As he's my brother. Suri's my boy.) so much as annoyed by how often this mixup happens. XD
While I have been told about that anime I have yet to watch computer is using crutches, so it might take a long while before I can anyways...but...don't make Simon jealous...and I mean your Simon, not "your" Simon.

...did that make sense? Eh, whateeeever.
How did I not see that coming? XD



My work is done here. >_>;;
and the return of the N64. Pointless fac,It was once demonstrated the N64 controllers were effective in tiger claw style martial arts and for tying up an opponet. Samo Hung demonstrated on a gaming mag intern. Poor intern.
I'm wearing shades!
I bet you all didn't know I'm a Republican.

GO LORENA! I never did like Uryu and is damn more holy then thou quincy attitude. blah.
yay <3
Haha I just noticed I fucked up my hair in this... Oh well.

Yeah, we hit up Gurren Lagann. It was fucking awsome. I'm madly in love with Simon. Deal with it. <3