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by MadMindInk
A retelling of a Ukrainian fairy tale.

A plain princess is asked to marry a cursed prince.

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A retelling of a Ukrainian fairy tale.

A plain princess is asked to marry a cursed prince.



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So prettyyyyyyyyy! I love all the sparkles and the way the princess's hair drapes over her face and all her cute little freckles. <3
December 10th, 2017
So maybe one day, there will come a time, when I start a comic and keep working on it all the way through till the end, without other projects and things taking up all my time. Till then, we do the best we can =)
I just finished reading Denizens! Attention! I took my time with it, enjoying each plot twist and admiring your magnificent paintings. I left five-star ratings all over. Your style is fresh and unique, and your story has a creepy, scary charm all its own.
I wish you well in Moldavia... and I look forward to reading Krasnosvit!!
Aaaaaah! I love his expression. You can tell he's been completely blown away by the princess.
Lovely page. The lighting turned out beautifully~
August 26th, 2017
When given the chance, I will always choose to drama up the lighting. Its a thing.
I can't get over how gorgeous she is. There's so much emotion in her expression. As always, each page is a wonder that I look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. <3
@papierowybandyta: Yeah =) I'm the oldest in my family. I thought, time for a change.
I long to make pages faster. Imagine having time to work on personal projects and not having responsibilities.
@marvyn: I figure when you live in a fairy tale, there is more than one strange thing to choose from. Esp the Russian fairy tales. They are all extremely weird =)
July 21st, 2017
I love all the princesses so much! I can't help but wonder what stranger things than marrying an egg has happened to her haha!

Don't worry about the schedule! We'll gladly wait for each gorgeous page <3
Gorgeous work. Thank you for continuing this. It's lovely~
Beautiful as ever. Also, we can definitely tell who the eldest girl takes after.
I'm back but with no guarantee for regular updates.
I don't think I'll ever be able to keep a schedule.
Maybe if one day, I have so much money, I don't worry about bills. Maybe then I could choose a time to just work on one project and never have to be distracted. HAha maybe one day, but not today.
that's new...
In most fairytales it's either the only child or the youngest one who gets involved in such tales!
Elga looks really cool. I imagine that she could easily be a really strong warrior.
I usually have Saturdays and Sundays free from commission work, and I try to finish inking and coloring one comic page within those two days. It's not always possible =) This week has been good.
These are the cutest princesses! Can't wait to see the third one!
Despite all my good intentions, I have missed a few updates. Sadly the bills are taking over my life and after all the commissions I hardly have time. If anyone would care to support me on Patreon I would be ever so grateful! Get access to these pages early if you pledge a dollar =)

I find comics much easier to work on continuously, instead of a little bit here and there. Oh well =) on to the next page!
OMAIGAASHHH! I cant wait to see what's next!