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Conplicated: Geode Corner Final

by Trallt14
When sarcastic but charitable Amber Pennicastle follows a handsome panhandler to his secret hideaway, her life turns upside-down in this action/romantic comedy.
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5 Years Ago
When sarcastic but charitable Amber Pennicastle follows a handsome panhandler to his secret hideaway, her life turns upside-down in this action/romantic comedy.


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Wow I'm surprised this website is still existing.
Hi, just curious, but if you ever come back to work on the colored comic what will happen to ur gray comic; If the colored story finally gets caught up?
November 9th, 2013
@Lemax: No way! It will return! : )
I am working on new pages but have had setbacks. Thank you for asking and your support! :D
Is this comic not going to up-date anymore?
@MecanicalCH: Thank you so much! :D
so much beautiful covers and pages...can´t stop reading them! :D
@Kiiroi: Thank you! : )
Note About Volume 2: Be aware, the color in this one is going to be a That is mostly because Volume 2 was originally intended to be just in grayscale and I was doing a lot of gray shading/tone experiments that don't work super well with color. I still colored it and replaced some pages and panels. Colors will look better in Volume 3, promise. I have a bunch of V3 pages done and the color is more similar to V2. Thanks for sticking with the comic! Hopefully the story in this one will keep ya hooked, despite the lousy colors.
June 22nd, 2013
nice cover!
I was been going through a rough patch and vanished from the internets for a couple months. I'm still trying to deal with some annoying life stuff...activated Tesseracts, aliens from other dimensions, assembling Avengers...the usual.

But...I am hoping to get back into Geode Corner updates. However, the schedule might be a bit different. I am going to pretty much DUMPBARF Volume 2 in the following weeks. It should be up as a Volume. After that, I will get back into daily updates with Volume 3. When that one's done, I will move start releasing by Volume (all at once on a given day) instead of daily.

I will let people know when a new Volume is on the way, but you don't need to worry about that for now. : )

Anyhow, thanks for staying subscribed and I look forward to adding more.
June 21st, 2013
Check out the Fan Art Gallery...

I am still adding artist websites.

Another warning: There is some CRAZY good art in there. I am blessed to have received such diverse and
Geode Corner Fan Art Gallery:
I got rain. The description fits me so well, it's awesome. Did you make this quiz? It's really good.
Rain- You are peaceful and musical. Usually, you're relaxed, slow-paced, and steady. Sometimes, however, you get a bit tough. Your life revolves around rhythm and music. Generally, you are calm and relaxed.
i can´t believe...that i am an Hurricane!

You are physically strong and tough, and a jack of all trades! You have numerous talents and don't mind showing what you can do! You are determined to go where you want to go, and when you make a decision, nothing can stop you! just does not make any sense...i am completely sure that it is my description! :D
Mist..... I would of thought thunder storms, oh well
I got Derecho! The description fits me so well it's almost scary.
Find out what type of weather you are in this quiz!

Im curious to know what everyone gets as an answer if you take it. : )
May 28th, 2013

DeviantArt Group:

Some totally awesome person nominated my comic for the awards. Unfortunately, I replied too late to get in. But seriously, thank you so much!!!! :D
Maybe next year I won't DERP.
haha XD Ohh poor Silas...
Ooohhh I was wondering why she was applying for college but carrying around an 8th grade math book! I thought she was just bad at math or something XD