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The L

The L

by UrbanMysticDee
Currently in the middle of a major overhaul. Ignore the page numbers for now, I will fix them later. For now the pages are in the correct order, regardless of what the page numbers say.

The beginning has not yet been completed but what is up so far is still readable as is.
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The L

Currently in the middle of a major overhaul. Ignore the page numbers for now, I will fix them later. For now the pages are in the correct order, regardless of what the page numbers say.

The beginning has not yet been completed but what is up so far is still readable as is.

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Chapter 1 of 4

21 December 2012 - January 2015

When I started writing way back in 2001 that was the future. And after maybe six major revisions, bouncing back and forth between three and five different chapters/books/parts, I've settled on four. Chapter 1 is the easy one, because it's all the stuff I've already finished over the past close to 20 years.
Chapter 4 of 4

Present Day, February through April. The End of the World.
Chapter 3 of 4

Present Day, August through January

I only have a rough chronology of the story. The entire second half of the story takes place in a nine month period sometime after January 2025 and before 2033. Other than that you can use your imagination.
Don't feel like waiting 300 pages. This is actually one of the first scenes I conceived, back in September 2001.

Yuri effortlessly opens the Heaven's Gate and enters the Holy of Holies to find Sweet with the Ark of the Covenant and Shekinah.

This should be impossible because the gate is protected by an unbreakable quantum code and a fail-deadly 100 megaton nuclear device that would detonate should the gate be breached. Although nuclear devices of arbitrary yield can be made, it would be impracticable to make a device larger than 100 megatons, as beyond that point the fireball would have a greater diameter than the thickness of the atmosphere and any additional energy would escape harmlessly into space.

We first see Shekinah as a being of light on what was at the time page 36 when Prisoner # 77658 makes contact with her. She appears for the second time on page 110 where Sweet addresses her as "Mother". Page 110 is also the first time we see inside the Holy of Holies, where only a handful of people (including Sweet) have access.

Shekinah is seen here fully intact, where as on page 110 she is hooked up to machinery (seen here hanging from the ceiling) with bits and pieces of her body dangling about. Material had previously been harvested from Shekinah for various applications. By this point the harvesting has ceased and she has had the time to regenerate.

As for just what Shekinah is, for the longest time I didn't know. Recently I've had an epiphany and realised that Shekinah is a tree. Those appendages are branches, and her tail is a trunk with a large taproot with accessory roots extending out from it. She is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, who has long ago been made a slave of the humans.

Why is there a lake of blood inside a clear glass room beneath an even larger lake of blood inside a giant cave beneath a city? Because it's cool. I don't think there was any deeper reasoning when I came up with that idea. It's just cool.
Character sketches, mostly from the first comic iteration of the story titled "Outlaw Seed"
December 13th, 2018
The very first page. Sweet at the helm of The Pinnacle Research Group and the US Navy voyage on a 19th century ship (because that's the only model I had). Despite looking directly at the model I still managed to make it look wrong.

Here we see Sweet with a full beard, not just the goatee.
Mushroom Flabs
December 8th, 2018
not bad
December 6th, 2018
Skyla, after the end, telling Jason to finish the final judgment and telling me to finish the book after 17 years.

I've had the most difficult time over the years drawing Skyla, which is why I haven't done any pages with her up until now even though she's one of the most important characters in the story.

And I did make her neck extra long on purpose.
November 29th, 2018
The farther away something gets the duller and greyer it gets. The Moon actually has many colours (including some bright orange rocks the Apollo astronauts discovered), it just looks grey from the Earth because it's so far away. In reality the Earth would look a lot smaller and a lot greyer from the Moon, but that wouldn't look cool enough.

The hardest part, by far, was the "terminator", the transition between the day side and night side of the Earth. I had to run that through many filters to get it right. The Moon was probably the easiest. It's ground turkey frying in a pan with the pan digitally removed. I take pictures of strange things in the hope that some day I can use it for something. Today is one of those rare days when I do get to use a strange picture.

It would take 9.21X10^24 J to melt all the ice in Antarctica, a little more for the rest of the ice in the world. This is all the energy humanity will produce for 100,000 years, released all at once. It is more energy than the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. And yet we survive and so few question that.
God: "All creation is retroactive. Everything you choose now will change the past so that this beginning was the original beginning all along."

Adam: "But then, in what sense do I have a choice?"

God: "Everything begins with choice."

Adam: "But if my choice rewrites the past to guarantee that I would make this choice, in what sense do I have a choice?"

God: "Because you can always choose again. And you can keep choosing until you find a world you find suitable."
I hate it when books don't include maps so you know where everything is. Here's the map for the story with a bit of history.
The Whole World Knows How This Story Ends. Here's How It Begins....

Everything Begins with Will. The Immortal Judas Iscariot, living under the assumed identity of Elias Sweet, Raul Einrich, his Second-in-Command, The Genesis Machine, and The Eschaton Machine, fight for who will control the End of the World.
Designed as a test of the perfect human. They don't look it, but they're human alright.

Humans as is are incapable of using the Seed. To do so perfect humans need to be created. 22 test units are created and 1 final Omega unit planned to be the final product (the Seed itself is Alpha). Elements from human test subjects are combined with Seed material to create the Kanaim.

Depicted here are Beta, Eta (recommissioned Upsilon), Sigma, and Phi. Also depicted is the Merkaba, which is situated inside next to the [White] Core.*

*[Red] Cores only appear in the Abdals.
Since I'm cutting this story short in order to finish it I'm going to have to do without some really cool stuff. The Abdals are among the menagerie of otherworldly beings I won't get to touch on.
The last chapter in the story. I'm going to wrap everything up.

I chose the title "One Last Time" because I needed something with a capital L in more or less the middle. This is also, hopefully, the last rewrite I will ever do.

The grey text in the background are several passages from Revelation, in order, in Greek (from the official Greek Orthodox Bible).
Xev is Hero's daughter. The Committee of Twelve promote him as President of the United States, though the position is totally worthless as they are the true authorities. She is the oldest character in the story, created before I started the first incarnation of the story in 2001. She is also, probably, the most stable character in the story, after David/Julian, and certainly one of the most mature, though her nurturing attitude is covering up her own insecurity. She was born 2 June 2012, so here she is 14 (I was 15 when I started writing the story and I tend to write about characters who are my age, even today).

This scene is based off of a chapter in the original story Glimpse of God, where unit Beta goes crazy and has to be destroyed in the desert. Here it is a little different, since Beta did not transform while Omicron does.

Remember that dust storm. It wasn't really a dust storm. The Seed (which the human mind is too fragile to comprehend in all its glory) is trying to run its per-programed operations, and the humans keep getting in the way. They, Sweet and the Twelve, are trying to harness its awesome power, and it is fighting back. Remember, a lot of cruelty, a lot of things go horribly wrong. The dust is really more like a solid holographic fungus (sentient light you can touch) that has coated the surface of Omicron and is controlling it like a puppet. With Xev quickly being killed inside. And it can transfer itself to different surfaces, making it difficult to eliminate, because if you touch it it may transfer onto you.

Why? To eliminate the human threat? Like an immune system? Maybe, but more than that, because the Seed was damaged and needs to be repaired. Outlaw Seed was kind of like an arms race, where the humans and the Seed were constantly trying to outdo each other. Kind of like the real immune system trying to keep up with ever changing pathogens. Does that mean the humans are the villains? Maybe? Of course, none of this may be happening. It may all be one extended metaphor for whatever, unless it isn't. It's hard to tell at this point, with all the changes that have happened with the story.

I'll admit, after all these years I still can't figure that part out. I'm satisfied thinking that the Seed is so alien that it is impossible to comprehend its motives.
I'm uploading some stuff I did way back. This is from Outlaw Seed, the series that I was working on before The L. It takes place after the events of The L. Quite literally, the last scene of The L is one of the first scenes in Outlaw Seed.

Outlaw Seed dealt more with those things you see on pages 14, 15, and 110. The Merkaba fits inside (see pages 35 and 36). They are called Kanai (plural Kana'im). They are test platforms for the creation of the Abdals ("Replacements"), the only beings perfect enough to operate the Seed. The human mind cannot comprehend the Seed, cannot approach it, cannot activate it, and as such more intelligent, totally obedient, completely unemotional creatures must be created. There is a lot of trial and error involved over several decades. Making something more perfect than humans involves wrecking a lot of human test subjects.

As Sweet mentions on page 110, certain individuals are raised from birth specifically to operate them after it was discovered that the Kana'im have a tendency to turn suicidal. The idea was to give them a reason for living: a person to protect. As such, each is paired with one specific person. The process involves a lot of cruelty, and a lot of things go horribly wrong.

There are three series: P (don't remember), E (Experimental), and K (Production).

E Series
Unit Omicron
Operator: Xev Strife (the little girl from page 8, now older)
Date Activated: 8 January 2027
Date Destroyed: 8 January 2027

Omicron was the second "empty" unit tested (Nu was the first. Operated by Skyla Sweet, activation failed). This time they brought it to the Nevada Test Site, in the middle of a dust storm.

Omicron is probably the only one with four eyes.
This is so cool! Guest artist Chris Cote ( draws Upsilon, an important character who has flown under the radar up to this point in the story. This was for some thing on the forums.

Go check out more of his art, linked above.
January 6th, 2013
@The_Hankerchief: Thank you.
January 6th, 2013
How have I not seen this yet? Dude, you're awesome. Thanks!