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LOL elbow deep... my brother makes alot of those jokes
You, my friend, are now my friend cause you just laid out why I do not like most nerdy comic fans.

These are the bozos who whine about how dumb it is for Indian Jones to have survived a nuclear explosion in a *refrigerator*. Like it is somehow more plausible and more cool for him to actually find the *Ark of the Covenant*, which then goes and melts the faces of a bunch of fanatical Nazis, than survive a nuke by using a silly fridge.
wakka wakka
Apparently people expected more (or is that less) from ep69, so this is me making up for it with some crappy sex jokes
@ grey wolf
yes. maybe not spelt like that, but yes.
And this is pretty funney.
And yet there is a strange heart-tickling humor to them.
I'm a religious person, so it tickles even better since I'm all too familiar with the stuff you're parodying. (Is that even a real word?)
You might think Im now just doing these dumb things for my own amusement.

You'd be right
Starring Andy Stafford as "Teacher wot shags your mum and she loves it"
...and I guess the less said about that the better!

"kneel before me and I'll just pop this little bit of bread in your mouth...


Flesh of the Lord!"
Fear the
So you ready for a name drop? Im mates with Kevin Conn, probably best known as his alter ego "Unemployed Skeletor", and he was cool enough to let me drop his latest creation into this dumb strip.
Check more out here :
hahaha poor Jesus
I shoulda made the dinos high 5 in the last panel
Im an idiot
Why am I enjoying this.

yeah it was!
Yes, this was just an excuse to spend 10 mins looking for hot chick pics. Will hopefully get back to the usual crap in the next few days
That censored bar offends me. I request its immediate removal.
If anyone gives a monkeys, its my birthday this weekend so being far too drunk to update. Back on it middle of next week tho
Interesting comic, +fan
Well if you don't know mate, we're fucked.