**Currently on hiatus! Bunny will be back soon!**

Every year, two teenaged aliens are sent to Earth for a scavanger hunt. This year's female competitor, Bunny Clea, is determined to be the first female winner, and befriends a softspoken 8th grade boy and his scientist father.

Intended as a parody of anime tropes. Will be updated sporadically.


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So far this has been really good! I'll be glad when it's started up again :-)
January 24th, 2011
This sort of thing always happens when I get bored with part of a story, but hopefully now that I've got the contest scenes out of the way, the quality can increase more.

After #6, I'm putting a temporary hiatus in place while I work on Westbury Detectives.
Uncle Fester
January 24th, 2011
A few panels worked out well, and the dialogue is all right, but yes, you did rush it a bit.
January 24th, 2011
I kept putting this page off, and then I finally rushed it. I'm not too happy with the results here.
December 30th, 2010
I did see King here.
December 24th, 2010
Don't get between a man and his Trouble Consultants.

I can sort of see Dr. Hatcher as the sort of guy who'd be into the early North American anime wave when he was in college. Plus, the adventures of a Hispanic girl and an Asian girl in bikinis fighting crime in space seems like something he'd be into as a teen.
December 22nd, 2010
...Why did this page need to take so long to do?

The rest of the chapter is mostly about Dr. Hatcher, but I needed to introduce Bunny's human alter-ego as soon as possible.
October 16th, 2010
This was one chapter I really couldn't wait to get to, mostly because of the outlandish clashes I had planned between a certain albino roboticist and metrosexual engineer. Plus, something happens to Kataran, which I may have given away on this cover...

I'm sorry about how late this chapter is! I'm working on the reprint of my standalone comic Cinderelliot, but making bonus pages and certain edits all over it. I still have the alternate ending to get to ("alternate" not being the best word I could use, since it's pretty much the same, but you find out what happened to two of the characters).
October 7th, 2010
Aw, that chapter was definitly so sweet.^^ XD Can't believe Alec actually reacted this way to Cassandra's kiss...

Also, Barnaby's hug moment was kinda touching to me, for no reason. XD
Well first off, you did win with it, woman, definitly no manicheism in your works in any way. This is just great.

Also, "must shoot with net"'s the best drunk line I've ever read. XD
September 30th, 2010
The purpose of this chapter was to give a second perspective on one of the main characters, whom formerly wasn't coming off very well on anyone. My idea of the perfect story is one where each main character is three-dimensional and understandible...plus, I wanted to throw my readers a curve on which of the aliens they want to win.

Man, I just realized how much I'm going to have to tone down this series when I pitch it to a studio. All these ailusions to smoking, drinking, general violence...and I detest my own lettering. When did I get so sloppy and illegible?
September 24th, 2010
XD Sooo... Barnaby goes around with that scary net, and most surprisingly, Alec actually got ~caught~ by it. XD Though according to what we can see here, he'll probably be okay anyway.

Heck, in any way, this episode sure changed my way of thinking about Alec. Well, I didn't mind him before, or saw him as the annoying one. Really looks sympathical in its own way, here.
Uncle Fester
September 22nd, 2010
( Coughs. Reaches for breath-mint. )
Hey, two uploads in quick succession!
September 22nd, 2010
Insane indeed. Only some much more insane then Barnaby having that net gun with him. Must really hate space.

Never cared, nor can stand smoking too much myself. Find myself holding my breath at the first scent of second hand smoke.
September 21st, 2010
I have an unwritten quota for insane facial expressions. This page fell prey to it.

I realized how prevalent smoking is in my works, and to be honest, it bothers me. It's only ever been adults (with the exception of Rick in Quinn, but he's quit), and tracing it back, I can attribute this to how in my childhood, every adult in my immediate family - save for my mother and grandfather - used tobacco. You either did it or you didn't, and I chose early on that I wouldn't, after the fifth time I had to run through the kitchen of "Uncle" Ed's trailer with his sons, trying to avoid the smell of death.

So, yeah, you kids shouldn't listen to things my characters do, because half the time they are terrible. If you kids start smoking, I will injure you.
AKHTS (Guest)
September 18th, 2010
XD YAY for firing down the typical I-don't-get-affection-enough-so-I'm-a-pain-to-others plot. That would have just been old... Well, as expected from you, that was great! XD
Uncle Fester
September 15th, 2010
Just yer average b@#$h.
Maybe she just needs a charisma transplant... and I'm assuming that the organ won't reject the host!
September 14th, 2010
I spy Quinn... =D
August 27th, 2010
Lux is a big inside joke in my works, as it was a series I started in mid-2008 in case Skipper The Robot Kid couldn't be worked with (since I stole the main character's robot armour from a parody of Astro Boy). In the attempt to make a more original robotic boy, the series turned into a carnival of everything you shouldn't put in a cartoon. Among other things, there were pop culture references, inconsistant characters, awful double entedres...

On the plus side, characters like O'Hare/Fairy Godfather, Cain, Arbrook, Zuno, Guavarez, and a prototype of Ray Hatcher came out of the Lux concept, each with bizarre rough designs. Take a look at the fourth panel, and imagine the Fairy Godfather from Cinderelliot (or, Hae Juun's keyboardist) looked like that today.
All Growed Up.
I have a guess and I won't post it here, either. As for Amelia Quackerton, I still like her, and I still think she needs an Arch-Nemesis: Remember Chairman Meow?