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Ralph Peters (Guest)
December 30th, 2012
Is this going to be concluded?
I like the story.Very 40s B-Movie but the art was too sketchy.Not quite as smooth as the other story I read.
A good story with very good art.The best part of it was the judo actin.
The essence of judo.
This was as far as the best part of your comic.Judo philosophy and principles are what make it unique to other martial disciplines.Good job.
Great color illustration.Mr.Capley's work on this and the 5 pages that follow is very polished.Mr.Goode's story could have been used for a Nexican masked wrestler movie.
Judo Versus The Undead

A GREATER DISCOVERY THAN THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS!!! Not really but I got your attention didn't I.Just in
time for Halloween...Mr.Incognito versus Count Drago,the vampire.With the popularity of the JUDO COMICS feature
in JUDO WORLD magazine and the success at the box-office of the Mr.Incognito movies a plan by the publishers of
JUDO WORLD was made to produce a Mr.Incognito comic book.It was Mr.Incognito himself who vetoed the idea.The
masked man who believed in the old show business saying,"always leave your audience wanting more" thought it was a
bad idea to go into competition with yourself.The project was scrapped.But not before 5 pages and a cover was drawn up.
Now after over 40 years those pages have been found at a garage sale in Madison,Wisconsin of all places.Enjoy them now
as our Halloween treat to you.
I don't know who Frank McLaughlin is.I'm going to assume he's a cartoonist.
This started out good,but then sort of died.Pages 2 & 3 looked rushed.
That strip was a lot of fun.
The art seemed kind of rushed here.
You know reading this strip I can actually see it as a good little B-movie back in the days of B-movies.
That student should be calling his teacher Tanaka sensei and not Sensei Tanaka.Somebody was sleeping onthat one.
What Tanaka sensei says here is so true.
You gentleman show a lot of love for judo in your strips.Then again your site is called Judo Comics,isn't it?
That's a fantastic title splash.
Interesting comparisons between judo and amateur wrestling.
Interesting piece of Olympic history.
Frank's art is classic!
Great stuff! Miss the regular art...but wow! Frank McLaughlin!
The art looks like Flash Gordon stuff on this story...especially the Ming panel...just kidding...I love this!!!