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Basically, it's a collaboration comic about artists who want to improve art. For serious people only.

THEME: Smackjeeve Fanart

1) Artists -
Ur Mom

2) Critics -
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Accepting Author Applications

1) Artists - Must fill out an application and meet certain requirements.
2) Reviewers - Must fill out an application and meet certain requirements.
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Basically, it's a collaboration comic about artists who want to improve art. For serious people only.

THEME: Smackjeeve Fanart

1) Artists -
Ur Mom

2) Critics -

Recent Comments

May 17th, 2011
to be continued?
I was wondering if this still was going on and people were still welcome to apply.. and does it have to be fanart? looks really great and interesting so far
November 6th, 2010
Thanks to whoever critiques this. :)
this is chloe from 123 step.
November 3rd, 2010
So, there has been a lot of applications to join, and unfortunately, KungPaoChow is no longer returning. As a result, please send the following information to Frappuccino:

ART SAMPLE(S): (if applying as an artist)
CRITIC SAMPLE: (if applying as a critic)

Once you provide this information, I will accept you into this collab accordingly.
that hand drawing. ITSH BOOTIFULL. ~cries out of joy~

teach mmeee XD?

lol jk. no one has time for that (:
June 14th, 2010
@Mikkem - I'm a bit blind so pardon me if I'm wrong on this point, but the only requirements stated seem to be that you are seriously looking for imporvement - unless that's what you meant..? If so, I think 'serious' artist is in terms of how determined you are to improve, rather than how skilled you are. If you're talking about the 'Art sample(s)' part of the application form, that's probably just to assess what level you're at and give the reviewers an idea of your style :>
I'm sure you can join! ^^
I flicked through your DA and you're not that bad at all, either :D
And this is just extra, but I thiiiiink you can apply as both artist and reviewer? W-well, I did anyway XuX Just putting that out 'cause I know you're a reviewer on LRSW ^^
I hope that answers your question ;U;/
thank you, it helped a lot! :'u i don't disagree with any of it, either, augh ppfft. i need to take more hand refs, since they bother me a lot, but i actually prefer my simplistic shading because my style is kind of simple. :'v
and bgs give me a lot of trouble, too, so i should take some tutorials.
thanks a bunch! ;o;

P.S. I like how you draw hands lmao
Sorry for taking so long OTL
I'm sure that I've missed some important points out, so sorry about that ^^;;;;;;; I just picked out the points that stood out most to me ><
Sorry if the critique seemed harsh / unhealpful, I tried my bext XuX;
Ahahaha, I've been using SAI for a little while now, and I have to say I was really impressed with the picture. Even the simple background was something I probably couldn't do. orz

Also, this critique looks real rad. You can totally tell you spent time analyzing the picture- *v*/
Ohhhhh-! *v*/

This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for here! .u./

Please be expecting my application soon!
Oh, I'd like to join! :D

But... not when it's 10 and my sister is kicking me off. ^ ^;
UGHH i agree with you on the bgs thing, they're hard abd i think everyone needs help with it in some way. ;_;

please do, ha :'D
ooh, i'll crit this! If you want, haha ;D; *will probably take a wee while*
awwww lol so cute ;---;
What is this, a class introduction?
Howdy fellas :'D
I am WalkedAway but please call me Mad ouo! My persona thing is myself, haha~ I signed up as both artist & critic, so I look forward to helping & joining everyone in this quest for improvement YEAHHHH *fistpump*
A little fyi, sorry if I'm a little inactive for the next 4 weeks (I'll post something though lol, dw!!! XvX) because of exams and stuff ;;;; just a heads up!!
Uhm, you can see all my main goals up above I guess XD Reagarding myself as a critic, I'd prefer critique-ing more anime/manga style art (cuz its my comfort zone orz).
I thiiiiink that's all?
:'* ty bbs, thanks for letting me join! fft <3
this was a fanart for Boy Lessons, which I don't think I need a linkback for, since it's super popular and stuff :'U
there are prolly a lot of mistakes that my eyes aren't catching, so could somebody PLEASE crit this? argh blabla
yo ;3;b
I'm Shanese, and my little..mascot thingie for this comic will be Chou, my bunny girl. lmao okay i want crit really badly so lemme upload something :'D rite nao.
Wow, really nice critique there! I might join (if I choose to log in haha).

I have a few questions though:
-can people critique in the comments? (probably not but I'm asking anyway)
-if not, then can people contribute additional advice to the piece in the comments?
-can more than one person critique on one artwork?

It's certainly refreshing to see a place where people can give constructive criticism on artwork. :)

I always see people get flamed when providing honest and civil advice by the author's friends or their fans. It's the main reason I don't critique in comments, because it's never worth the trouble.

Eh heh, sorry for the mini rant. Again, it's really good finding people who care about improving in their craft. Keep up the magnificent job! :D