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February 12th, 2012
Island reappears.
August 10th, 2011
Name the eevee bobby joe!
May 19th, 2010
yes it will.
I've just been very lazy :3
May 17th, 2010
Is this comic ever gonna update.
Voro the Bat
May 5th, 2010
Vector comes and eats the fox!
May 4th, 2010
The pink groudon called Skippy comes and eats the UNIVERSE!
Unkown (Guest)
April 26th, 2010
The Unexpected happens, I don't know what the unexpected is so figure it out.
April 23rd, 2010
a grenade rolls in from the side of the panel
April 21st, 2010
eevee and kyogre return, but now everyone is at a city
April 21st, 2010
command by retrogamer13
and lakie_da_HEDGEFROG!
the background disapres
and kyoger,eevee,tails,mighty run away
than espio stabs sonic
Eat coconuts!
command by Nnthoay007
Espio and mighty join the chaos.
get a random pink Groudon called Skippy to eat the WORLD!
command by sonic the hedgehog 4 fan41
Tails tornado crashes.
command by Ultraluario64
April 1st, 2010
las command from me for today
find an eevee and kyoger