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She was just a regular, unwanted kid, until she was lucky enough to get a job under the best magician in the world! Unfortunately for her, her new boss is a self absorbed sociopath.

Updates are currently Monday, with some sporadic mid-week updates if I have time!

Dark/Twisted Comedy!


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crystal (Guest), 27 Apr 2016 03:41 pm
Keep up the wonderful work! and draw what ya love
Comment on Bowties Stars and Candy - Page 2
dragonkingofthestars (Guest), 14 Apr 2016 12:04 pm
@Bludwulf: it's not priceless it's 3,000 dollars.
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ReluctantCinamonRol (Guest), 13 Apr 2016 09:40 pm
Still hoping
I think that even if this comic never continues, I will check it every couple of days for the rest of my life.
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RoseMagic (Guest), 03 Apr 2016 04:28 pm
Like I said, I miss it, but I firmly believe it's worth the wait. :) Hope Aftertale is treating you well!
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Loverofpiggies, 03 Apr 2016 01:49 pm
@Guest: Yo dat fanart is literally making me my living
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Guest, 02 Apr 2016 07:53 pm
RIP Gloomverse. Too bad it was killed by a fanart trend
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 2
Charlotte057, 24 Mar 2016 09:31 am
Tfw u think it's the sky but it's a huge mansion
Comment on The World Leaders - Page 14
Charlotte057, 24 Mar 2016 09:22 am
Comment on IMPORTANT
dfsyug (Guest), 15 Mar 2016 11:32 pm
ooh...youre still on break, huh? And here I thought i'd be lucky enough to continue reading...anyway, gl on aftertale, big fan. Love ya
Comment on The Battle Between Brothers - Page15
Guest, 02 Jan 2016 11:10 pm
Can we just ignore the sad for a sec and ask how on EARTH GLOOM FROM PANEL 3 TO PANEL 4 must be fast as HELL


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