She was just a regular, unwanted kid, until she was lucky enough to get a job under the best magician in the world! Unfortunately for her, her new boss is a self absorbed sociopath.

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Dark/Twisted Comedy!

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Inversian magic
So orange has magic, she said so, and the only thing different about him is he has color, so maybe thats it. Also, maybe the Judge's eyes gave her some magic too. That and she probably gave herself magic some other way, like maybe the Dark Overlord. Harold couldn't POSSIBLY be the only one to know about him.
Virga is probably making a BIG mistake underestimating Inversians for not having magic. Humans don't have claws or fangs, but we all know where we are on the food chain.
Why is Virga so hot. Her muscles distract e from the dialogue
thats MY GIRLFRIEND youre insulting btw
"I'll be back in time for Steamverse", huh? I wonder what that means...And ironically the place Assistant needs to go to get a prosthetic leg >>
Shes gonna regret saying that i bet xD
I smell a conspiracy.
Purple what were you doing hanging out with rainbow lollipop over there!? What, is she trying to harness the power of the Gays!?
well dang O3O
i still love judge tho-
Aaaaa this chapter uuas great. UUe got some interesting info, hehe. I can't uuait to see uuhat happens next! Good job! ^-^
jesus christ
(oh and btw first)
End of the chapter! Enjoy.
@notableAnonymity: I mean, Inverse is the exact opposite of the color people, Inversians lack color and the color people represent it. I mean, just an idea, but maybe that's why Judge was so interested in Inigo? Think about it, they live in a world without color and then she comes there and meets a color dude!
Theory Time!
So, I have a theory with Assistant, the Dark Overlord, and the colors. So, I think the Colors and Overlord work together in some sort of way and the Overlord is keeping Assistant's true hat because it will cause major damage to others, hence the dream she had when she was in coma. Because of this, the Overlord gave Assistant a replacement hat until she is ready to maintain her real hat's power. So, when she uses her color magic, the Overlord is transferring some of the Colors' powers into Assistant and allows her to use their powers.

It is just a theory though.
Does that mean the Judge wasn't actually interested in Indigo? Nooooooooo.
@Luna534: Maybe Madame President wants to gather them so she could use them as weapons against Inverse, either absorbing their powers or forcing them to fight? Nah, seems too much of a stretch.
HMMMMM Is it just me that finds it VERY strange that Madame President's hair and clothes are rainbow colored, and then she's trying to gather all the color peeps. I am sensing some sort of connecting here...