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E-Man's Scrapbook

by E-Man
Do you remember all the old comics E-Man used to have? Crazy Comics, Key Stroke, Kirby vs. Kracko, and even the infamous Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Saga? When E-Man went away from Smack Jeeves, what ever happened to all those old comics?

Well... They were deleted... However, now they're back for the purpose of nostalgia and showing how E-Man's comics changed over the years.

Note: This may or may not include author comics and comics made by other authors might not be included.
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9 Years Ago
Do you remember all the old comics E-Man used to have? Crazy Comics, Key Stroke, Kirby vs. Kracko, and even the infamous Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Saga? When E-Man went away from Smack Jeeves, what ever happened to all those old comics?

Well... They were deleted... However, now they're back for the purpose of nostalgia and showing how E-Man's comics changed over the years.

Note: This may or may not include author comics and comics made by other authors might not be included.


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What The Hell?!
What the hell?! Where are sora, riku, kairi, roxas, axle, namine, orginization 13, abd the rest of the Kingdom Hearts crew!!!
I'm probably going to make a single comic for that series, but after that, I'll only be scripting and storyboarding the comic while FireyShaymin fleshes it out.

Despite not actually working on comics anymore, I'm more than happy to direct and script comics, so I can still contribute to the process. In other words, I will still work on P & E, but I won't be drawing the comic for the most part.
So your still going to work on P & E right?
Oh crud! How long has it been since I made comics!?
In this comic, the two scientists brief us on what's going with a not so brief explanation.

Seriously? Has it been 28 days since I last updated this comic and longer for others? Sorry about that! I was so busy working on my Flash movie, "Epic Ninja Doopliss," that I barley had time to make any comics at all! Although I will still read and comment on the various comics on this site, I don't think I'll ever make a comic ever again. It's not because I'm frustrated or anything, but ever since I got my hands on Anime Studio and eventually Flash, my interest for comics has plummeted and I only have enough interest to create a few more comics before I cease production for them completely.

However, I don't mind at all when I have to make animations. Despite taking longer to make, I actually have fun creating those more than I create comics. Also, even though I might stop creating comics, I'll always create scripts and storyboards for the people who are still interested in comics (people like Plokman and Metablender). If any of you readers are interested in working with me, just let me know as soon as possible.
@ Aragorn199
Well, I'm not actually up for joining any author comics... However, since I was the creator of it, I might as well reclaim my position as the main author. I don't know what I can do to help since I have other comics to manage and Flash movies to create, but if you do need anything, be sure to let me know!
so he's back, eh? great! now come and help revive NNTMMO, wouldya?
Don't forget that one of my other weaknesses is that I'm apparently not good at being funny. I was kind of expecting that weakness.

I have to admit that some people found the backgrounds to be out of place in a sprite comic. I guess it's pretty natural to me to use more than one thing (i.e. game, media) and that's what makes me unique in a way. However, seeing how it bothers some people, I'll try experimenting with backgrounds at GIF format to give it the limited pallet sprites have.

As for character interactions, I do have to admit that most of the pairings tend to be quite queer. However, all the backstories that give specific details of how characters met (such as how Doopliss could possibly be friends with E-Man) aren't even released yet (meaning that although the entire story is in my head, I didn't even formally tell it yet). So far I'm looking for the right type of media to make the biggest impact, so no one would ignore it (I'm think about doing a flash movie). However, if you must know why I even chose Doopliss in the first place, it's just that there was always something interesting about that guy. At first I wanted to make him the leader of a team of official characters, but after the concept of that became to difficult to handle, I decided to just make a smaller team with E-Man on it. Besides, it's not like Doopliss would ever be used again in a Nintendo game. All I'm doing is expanding the character to convert it into a main one instead of a mere one-timer. If I were to become best friends and travel around with someone like Mario, then I can see where you're going at. Of course, I couldn't agree more that the Chaos Emeralds and Téa are absolutely stupid ideas, so I'm just going to get rid of them in future comics.

I hope that you're not too upset by my lingering faults (i.e. non-sprite backgrounds and Doopliss as a friend). If you have anything else you wish to point out, I am happy to explain. Of course, since it would get overwhelming to fill a comic up with Q&A comments, I'm thinking of creating a FAQ page to answer question instead.
Unlike Crazy, you know how make the story interesting, but like I said before don't relay on plot twists to create some sort of dazzling effect. It gets rather predictable later on.

Characters show facial expressions in your comics, so there's nothing much I can there. In your early comics, the only way to tell if they were showing an emotions was reading the text from the speech bubbles. It's comic, not a book.

Character interaction... Where can I begin?

Your character is friends with a official Nintendo Character, an anime character is a niece of Mario, Chaos Emeralds and the list goes on.

I honestly don't understand how that is even possible, I just dislike the idea that a fan character is friends, related or even dating a official character. Just feels wrong...

I like how you make some of your backgrounds but seeing the characters are pixels... it's a mixed media comic than an actual SPRITE comic.

Anything else?
Well, Crazy might be good at ripping sprites and creating custom M&L:BiS styled sprites (although I have yet to see any more poses for the single pose customs that he tends to make), but if we were to struggle in a comic contest, he wouldn't even have the same chance as Snowball Banjo rolling across the lava side of Hailfire Peaks at a moderately small size.

Now that we discussed his strengths and weaknesses, care to point out my own strengths and weaknesses, G.B.A? I'm rather curious to know.
Well let's look at it this way E-man.

There are no speech bubbles in his comics, so it's hard to understand who is talking in each individual panel.

The characters don't show any facial expressions in whatever situation they may be in, kinda ruins the moments when you expect the character to be happy, sad or my personal favourite shocked.

And why do I find his character bland? It's a koopa who's suppose to be crazy but makes silly references and uses Bobobo jokes that we (the viewers) are suppose to understand that lives in a blue shell that is normally used in Mario Kart.

And even up to now, he hasn't changed anything!
My, that's quite an opinion you got there, G.B.A! Do you think he still does comics that way and is his character still bland?
Crazy's comic style is kinda hard to follow and looks rushed.

And his character was pretty bland.
I remember this. I nearly got in trouble because I posted a comic where the twilight squares were different. How was I to know they where always squares?! I still haven't had the chance to play TP.
What's this? A bonus comic by Crazy?
I might have said that this comic wouldn't contain the comics made by other authors, but I'm going to make an exception for Boo's Mansion's "best" member, who decided that he refuses to be finished with Deviant ART instead of staying on his new sites. Why isn't he completely out of my life yet?

*Sigh* Enough of that... This is how Crazy does his comics. Just replace the sprites I made for him with his current sprites and use slightly different text boxes to have the new version of his comic. I don't know if he has actually improved his comics skills since the last Crazy Comics update, but at least I manage to evolve mine before I even took a step on this web site again.

By the way, I always wondered if Crazy Koopa actually uses his character anymore. I know that he's using him in his collaboration story with P.T., but that doesn't count since P.T. asked him to do it. When I checked on him on the other web sites he goes to, he never makes a reference to the character besides the username (Why doesn't he use another one to prevent me from following him?). The only people who actually know how to manage his character anymore are P.T. and myself. In fact, I bet I could just take over his character and he wouldn't even bother to care about it.
This is why I hate partners...
In this comic, E-Man visit Deku and Gadd in Hyrule.

Does the frames look crowded to you? Well, as far as characters go, I think E-Man, Doopliss, Octorock, Crazy, Lakitu, and Axem Black are enough characters for this comic. The rest just take up space and aren't very useful most of the time. I have no idea why Crazy decided to have so many partners and why he chose the most unlikely ones.

By the way, those are the real first custom backgrounds I created for a comic. Despite looking kind of crude, I think I did fine job at the time. Wait until you see backgrounds with gradient shading! Although those backgrounds aren't actually professional work, at least they look much better than the backgrounds I use in the next few comics!
June 22nd, 2010
Well, I wasn't planning on posting any author comics, but since the first Nintendo MMORPG is history, I think I'll make an exception.
Plokman is going to go to Termina in Plokman's Misadventures. About 100 years before Majora's mask. It has to do with a villain I created back in Nintendo MMORPG. By the way will the comics you made for NMMORPG the first time be in this?
Wait a Sec, Isn't this Comic 50?
June 22nd, 2010
Since when was Link's Deku form a scientist?
In this comic, E-Man receives a letter from Deku Scrub.

Yes, it sounds very strange that Link's Deku form is a separate character, but I had an idea long ago that the transformation masks that Link had returned to normal... Well, almost normal. However, now that I have embraced the fact that Zelda has two timelines and the events of Majora's Mask took place on one of the timelines, I decided to make all of E-Man's events take place on the Wind Waker timeline and scrap all Majora's Mask related ideas. As much as it's painful to not use one of my favorite Zelda games anymore, it's all in an effort to clean up my ideas and scrap old ones that don't make sense anymore. However, I wouldn't mind finding a way to use elements from Majora's Mask in my storylines. In fact, I think Termina just might be a possible "bridge" to connect the two timelines!
Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Oh well I didn't create it so I don't count it. Can't wait to see your fusions in P & E.