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A collection of fairy tales with shounen ai twists ^ . ^


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these comics are so good. dont stop, make more
Aren't you going to continue this?
Because that would be pretty sad ;-;
Plzzzzzzzz make more
First; Congrats for the anniversary!
I discovered your comics a week ago, and I just wanna say that they're so fabulous and so funny and are my reason to live xD
Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the point.
And I, also, wanted to say that your style is so beautiful, and the coloring is so perfect, and the drawing is so cute!
But anyway, just wanted to say that. Sorry if this is totally weird and random, but I needed to say it because I was going to explode if I don't.
Good Luck and, again, congratulations from México~
(Sorry for the bad english, but, mexican:'v)
I thought Beau was blonde and a lot darker, like the Nightengale.
Ah, I love the way you color! It's so smooth!
Adorable! ^^
Congratulations on 10 whole years! :D Hope you are well!
Second redraw to celebrate 10 years~

I really wanted to change this scene to be more of Red seducing the wolf heh heh heh~ This one was really fun to revisit <3
Wow ten years congrats! Such dedication.
Love your stuff, congratulations. Hope you get another 10 years^^
@Faust_Hiwatari: Oh wow, seriously, it makes me so happy to hear that! Thank you so much ; w; I'm glad my silly comics can have any sort of effect on someone~
@Aafjez: Thank you! And yes, ten years went by like nothing!
@Devdasi: So the other day I was thinking about you and your comic Symbiotic.
I just wanted to say that I re-read the comic and I really appreciate the fact that you've worked so hard and made so many comics.
Symbiotic was a really important comic to me and a friend of mine, and helped her get through a really rough time. So thank you very much! I hope you are well!
10 years already? wow....congratulations! :) As always, love the comic.
Celebrating 10 Years of BL Fairytales!
Long time no post! Unfortunately not an update, but it came to my attention recently that it's been 10 years since I started Shounen Ai Fairytales. A lot has happened in ten years. I graduated from highschool, then college, worked on and off, moved to Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Germany, Japan, and settled back down in Hawaii. I still draw randomly, but sadly don't have much time to do so. But since it has been 10 years, I wanted to do something special~ I've always wanted to go back and redraw the older stories,develop the stories and characters more, etc. That's still a dream, but for now, I wanted to at least do one scene from each story~ I'm sorry it's not an update, but I'm still working on time management!In the meantime, enjoy these revisits. And thank you to everyone who took their time to read and enjoy my silly little comic over the past ten years!
please please please finish this i love these comics your such a good writer.
Love it
Omg so I found this comic awhile ago and caught up withing like an hour. I showed all my fujoshi friends and they love it as well. I can't wait for the next update. I'm so stoked and excited for ALL THE FAIRYTALES!!!!!
I love all your comics and the coloring has improved too. Ive just discovered and started reading your comics yesterday and all are just so awesome! hope you update soon :)
Kb (Guest)
May 13th, 2015
I love how she's reading a book called 'Poison Apples & Such.'