Oh! Editor-Chan

Oh! Editor-Chan updates once a week, usually�

It�s about two roommates, Andeh a perverted otaku who doubles as an indie comic artist and Trista his best friend and editor. They run an indie comic company named Epic Legend Press, together. Two roommates who both happen to be nuts.


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February 6th, 2013
And that wraps of this caper! lol I really loved this comic. i think it best captures just how messed up these two are, and why there actually friends. zero fucks were given through out their day haha.

and in the end they still had the nerve to deny what they were looking for to begin with haha
January 23rd, 2013
Alright! new #oheditorchan! :D #comics #webcomics #manga #comedy
January 9th, 2013
Sorry so late! had a power shortage! But here's new #oheditorchan !!! #comics #manga #anime #webcomics
January 2nd, 2013
Oh! Editor-chan continues! Will They find a decent cup of coffee in the city? #comics #webcomics #manga #anime #coffee #geeks #geekgirl
LOL I love the dialogue here a lot and kinda how Andeh is obviously a storyteller and a grudge holding thief LOL

Trista and Cat are adorb in these panels

please do vote for OEC and stuff. I know i dont update super often but i promise that i always WILL eventually haha
September 26th, 2012
haha i love this xD
September 5th, 2012
And thus concludes “The gang get possessed” LOLOL srsly I feel sorry for the victims of this adventure. 4 Cajuns, a nd a house full of i guess dancers or something burned to a crisp. all under the premise of oh jeez were possessed by the booze. i guess we should be playing that song “blame it on the alcohol” xD
...this is how you PARTY HARD
December 3rd, 2011
My good man, I must say.....Lawlz. Quite so~
November 10th, 2011
sorry for teh delay was netless haha dumb bills haha
October 14th, 2011
for sure, man, for sure... Either way, keep it up!
October 13th, 2011
haha yeah catlover is def. on hold for a bit haha xD i need to get me a writer to ease teh work lol
October 13th, 2011
Awesome so far, my friend! Though you should pace yourself, man. You seem to have quite an update schedule for multiple comics, don want you to collapse!

...do want you to update Cat Lover, don't want you to collapse~ ;D
October 12th, 2011
and the assistant arrives! as we can see She and Andeh have an interesting boss/employee relationship haha. theyre a lot of fun to write and Cat’s fun to draw. kekeke
meet Cat! the first new character in along while haha
September 28th, 2011
HI! :D
A year later and the most awesomest indie comics studio EVER! starts to gear up for a new era!
April 23rd, 2010
Sometimes, you mean srs bidness. and sometimes you mean Mr.T Srs bidness.
April 20th, 2010
no doubting the undoubtable, babe ;D
April 12th, 2010
So this is kinda cool actually. This page and the last were actually Trista’s idea. I just brought the power punch, as it were. Coincidentally, Tris likes El Snorlax, and I happen to actulally own a huge ass snorlax, for srs. well HAD. I had to pass it on to my little nephew. <3
April 7th, 2010
aND BAM! now we KNOOOOOWWWWWWWW what happened haha