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Pokemon Zirconia

by newyorkdefendertalon
{Everyone has their beginnings; but not everything is a Saturday morning cartoon show. We follow the growth of one particular trainer through his hardships, obstacles and through trials of heart. Let's hope that he can succeed.} Rated: Teen for language, themes, and violence.
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8 Years Ago
{Everyone has their beginnings; but not everything is a Saturday morning cartoon show. We follow the growth of one particular trainer through his hardships, obstacles and through trials of heart. Let's hope that he can succeed.} Rated: Teen for language, themes, and violence.

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*gets to last page and clicks for next*

... Wait... What?

*sees It's last page*

...dammit... =.= more pages plz!! :3
Char is so cute~ <3
My first thought was is this some sort of Digimon joke? Then I realized it was just a super awesome Charmeleon.
"I just caved in yer skull, mah bat's still dry. No clumps o' hair, nothin'."
The Gardevior have BOOOOOOOOOOBIEHS!!!!
that is all :D
This is a great comic! Any chance of an update soon?
Just started reading your comic and so far... I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see the next update~!!! <3 XD
@Lady Darkrina: That's cool.^^ I've never really been able to capture any type of shiny Pokemon, before, except the Red Gyarados that you can capture within the storyline of Silver, Gold, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. That's about all that I could get when it came to shiny Pokemon. ...I know I wanted to capture a pink Butterfree, once. But I could never find one.

But for my Master Ball obtaining, I just kept restarting my Ruby version and I'd transfer a Pokemon holding the Master Ball I'd get to Heart Gold. As well as transfering the Legendary Pokemon I couldn't capture in Heart Gold, but still obtained in other games to Heart Gold. In the older games, Especially Crystal, I glitched or cheated to get more Master Balls. Then, once I got into the newer generations of the games, I just kinda fell out of the glitching and the cheating. Especially since the glitches didn't work for the newer games, and I didn't have a gameshark of my own to be able to cheat. I always stole my brother's when it came to the older games. I only found the duplication glitch on the original Silver, Gold and Crystal versions...
@elder_child_6: Well I'd usually transfer my legendaries into Pokemon Pearl,SoulSilver or Platinum before I'd start a new game, that's how I get so many legendaries with a ton of master balls^^*evil grin*. And no, I don't cheat using master ball cheat, I don't even know code nor do I have gameshark xD. Yeah you're right though, people can enjoy playing Pokemon however they want to^^.

I'll admit that I sometimes did used to cheat for getting shiny Pokemon but I don't do that anymore. I'm a full pledge shiny hunter now and I'm proud of it^^
@Lady Darkrina: If you capture all of your legendaries in Master Balls, then you're cheating.=P Either that, or you're restarting another Pokemon game that is compatible with the one you're playing to get all the Master Balls you'd need to capture every legendary you'd be coming across. Because the game only gives you one.

I was able to capture a legendary in an Ultra Ball without having to attack it, at all. It was a legendary in Pokemon White, and it was a type that would flee the moment you'd do anything; attack it or not, it'd run away. So eventually I just got fed up, bought a whole bunch of Ultra Balls, and just started throwing them at the legendary Pokemon. It took a few tries, of course, but I was shocked when I caught the Pokemon that way.

Still, there are some people who will look down on you if you cheat to get what you want in a game. They wouldn't look down on you if you got them legitimately from another game and then transfered them over to the game that you were catching the legendaries in. (Though, Pokemon White and Black doesn't really let you do it that way... The only way you CAN get more Master Balls in that game was if you cheated.) I wouldn't look down on you if you cheated. I'll admit that I have in two Pokemon games. I'm just saying that other, more hard core gamers, will. Though, you shouldn't be too worried about it. After all, it's all on how each one of us enjoys playing the game, right?^^

@Talon: You should hurry up and update this story.=P I really like it and you just kind of left it hanging at this part.XD So I hope that you are able to get the time to work on this comic, soon. Because I'm excited to read more.=P
November 22nd, 2011
Nice, I'm gonna follow this comic.

I like your style of art
November 15th, 2011
Pink penguins?
October 12th, 2011
Char doesn't look as cute scared as a charmeleon D:<
October 10th, 2011
man... I fell so bad for him
October 10th, 2011
My guess is Leon.

had to go read earlier pages to remember his name :3
@Talon: I prefer to either capture my legendaries in any other ball besides Pokeballs. Or I be lazy and catch them with a master ball xD.

@Comic: I wonder who's voice that is in the last panel...hmmm interesting.
Who is talking in the last panel? Guess I'll have to wait and find out.
Response to last comic’s comments:

Lady Darkrina: It may be from the fact that he didn’t quite obtain Suicune in a legit way.

Mini987: ):

Captian Lebubbles: Suicune was already in a weakened state when Navarro came across it due to Team Rocket using a similar capture technique that they used on Entei. Given that the case Johnny had was full of Pokeballs containing more Koffing and Wheezing, it probably took the brunt of several powerful explosion attacks. So long story short, Suicune did not exactly go willingly, but being locked in a cage, it could really only do so much.

Story Teller, Astralle: Haha, you’ll see soon enough.

Ashy: haha, yeah, I’ve used regular Pokeballs to catch legendaries, if only because I like the idea of them being caught in the most basic ball in game XD

Marky Vigorth: .u. thank you very much. I hope you continue to enjoy it.