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January 10th, 2018
@Regreme: thanks, dunno how i missed that. i guess when you know what people are going to say your brain reads it before your eyes do lol.
'will be' on us soon.;) Minor mistake, but still great to see more of this amazing webcomic.:D
Drake Ink
December 22nd, 2017
Dude that last panel is so freaking epic!
December 20th, 2017
@RyakLo: no kidding! Still, love the story, thanks for the response
December 18th, 2017
@RyakLo: Cool happy i could spot it. Great comic.
December 14th, 2017
@swan1488: Not as of yet. There were plans to make a full Ryak-lopedia. But that would be a massive task for one guy haha
December 14th, 2017
@Rifuso: fixed, thank you
December 12th, 2017
Love the comic! Just powered through the whole thing over the last few days. Just curious, is there any sort of in universe guide I might of missed, about characters, powers, races, that sort of thing?
December 12th, 2017
A heads up to the amazing comic maker Love this comic
A little typo at bottom speech bubble "me sand janon
What a bunch of badasses~
Oooh, that guy looks scary
Hah, her expressions are all gold on this page <3
Huh. That's.... that's practically nothing at this point.
Awesome! Great page
November 12th, 2017
Poor Kodo good thing Gane is there to help her out with this one
This page cracked me up. What really sold it for me was the expression on Aliru's mask.
I knew it all along. Important looking character at the bar and a crew that happened to be outside the same bar? It seemed to be a fairly big coincidence to me.
September 30th, 2017
They made it
And ten bucks says so does one of the monster things who will later invest the other lands......or not who knows would be a great way to start a unity arc where all sides band together against a common enemy.
Again just spit balling
September 28th, 2017
The resolution of the pages sure has improved!