The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Whatever
A rather silly fan comic based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, using screenshots with drawings in them. Fixing my crappy art since 2010.


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Guest, 29 Jan 2015 11:05 am
@JimLad: R.I.P.
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JimLad, 22 Jan 2015 04:49 am
@TriforceMaster: The character outlines were drawn with pencil, then gone over with a pigment pen, then the pencil lines were erased, then scanned in black and white to photoshop as an outline layer, then filled with colour from a lower layer. :)

Nowadays I use a tablet for everything, even the sketches.
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TriforceMaster, 21 Jan 2015 07:29 pm
How did you draw this with pencil and paper? It looks digitally drawn.
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1supermiguel, 05 Jan 2015 05:41 pm
@JimLad: Alright man, I understand. Respond again then when you have a better idea. I understand real life always comes first before other things. Well, I look forward to your other response then. I can't wait to see the next installments, this comic is my favorite here on Smack Jeeves! Thanks for the response man.
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JimLad, 05 Jan 2015 07:36 am
@1supermiguel: I honestly couldn't say. I have less free time for comics these days but it doesn't make me any less determined to make them.
This year I'm going to manage my time better so I can make more progress with both.
I don't have an answer for you yet, but I'll post another comment when I have a better idea.
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1supermiguel, 05 Jan 2015 05:24 am
@JimLad: Ah that's a relief that you're not giving up on these comics...and I understand, being the owner of two comics must be tough. But just curious...when do you think, if you know, you will be able to finally come back to these comics and make a new page?:O
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JimLad, 05 Jan 2015 04:42 am
@1supermiguel: Heya Miguel, I've not given up on LoZ:OoW. I'm working on my other comic Retro Farm for a while.
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1supermiguel, 02 Jan 2015 12:43 pm
Y U NO?!
Jim...y u no make anymore of these?:'( I miss them and it has been a long time now. :'( Are you still making them?:'(
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Dublerion, 24 Dec 2014 09:45 am
Thats one twisted poe collector
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Samus (Guest), 18 Dec 2014 08:52 pm
This comic is freakin hilarious!!! It makes the game even more fun to play after reading these strips! Hope to see more Ocarina of Whatever from ya JimLad, keep up the comedic genius! :D


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