The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Whatever
A rather silly fan comic based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, using screenshots with drawings in them. Fixing my crappy art since 2010.


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Miscellaneous Chick (Guest), 12 Sep 2015 08:59 pm
I'm super excited for you to focus on the comic. I loved Retro Farm and eagerly await the continuation of this one.
Comment on 071
that guy (Guest), 12 Sep 2015 03:03 am
wait whys shieks skin yellow?
Comment on 073
that guy (Guest), 12 Sep 2015 02:58 am
thats torture! poor link. being kissed by a zombie is just cruel!
Comment on 074
that guy (Guest), 12 Sep 2015 02:54 am
my top 3 are
1 ocarina of time
2 a link between worlds
3 oracle of ages
Comment on 012
JimLad, 14 Jul 2015 09:14 am
@Draconickitty: yup =)
Comment on 012
Draconickitty, 13 Jul 2015 10:55 pm
foxy robin hood
isnt that "8 0clock and alls well" from the vultures of Robin Hood? lol
Comment on 016
Tesseract42 (Guest), 11 Jul 2015 11:51 pm
Well, milk is basically alcohol. It is in Termina, anyway.
Comment on 076
Grellk, 26 May 2015 06:56 pm
The shop guy needs a troll face.
Comment on 076
1supermiguel, 03 May 2015 01:11 pm
YAAAAS......MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!!!!! *Reads page description.* D'awwww alright....well then enjoy finishing your other comic man...i'll wait for when you return. But please return quickly...I must know what happens next! Alright.....let us know when the next one comes and when the comic you are working on is finished! Looking forward to it! Until then, then, so long my friend!:) Enjoy the other comic!:) We'll be waiting!
Comment on 076
Joemon8, 26 Apr 2015 01:40 pm
I approve. Good luck with your other comic!!


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