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Pokemon Beta

The Trygon facility was made to create better Pokémon that can survive in their world, as species over the years have been dying out. Rymadanas, the head of the Red tower, desire Pokémon to become equals, with no weaknesses or be disadvantaged. Pokémon are recruited into the facilities by force if they lack the necessary amount of specimen.

The Trygon capture Pokemon and genetically experiment on them, and even themselves to achieve their goals. Those captured unwillingly are wiped of their memories, forcing them to obey without question. Some regions had seen the only way out is to urge their residents to undergo experimentation to keep families from being separated, and body counts low.

Opposition to the Trygon Organization has reached an all time pitfall. Only few pieces of land are still free of the shadow cast from the buildings. Is risky science the way to salvation? What is the root cause of Pokemon to be dying out? Unbeknownst to a Totodile, he would find the answers to everything...


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@the being: i really like this comic, to bad its ended, but can i use this concept to add to another comic?
I know someone must've already thought of this idea but...
Why not find someone who can finish the comic with the story that you've given? It could work.
This was a good comic. Not by any means perfect (then again, who is perfect?) but still great. I hope you can make another comic, but I can understand if you don't.
October 4th, 2016
@the being: my favorite scene so far is the last 4 panels of this chapter cause Zelda
Omg (Guest)
April 26th, 2016
Oooooommmmmmmggggg da
Trah forsh (Tri-force)
Damn, I was hoping Asura wouldn't die.
Oh well.
It's really sad to see this go, and overall, I think this was a great comic. The idea was fantastic. I hope someday I can be as good as you.
Ive been following this comic for a bit, and I must say, just go read it. Its gud.
No One's Face is a lot different from Pokemon Beta, but still very good, and it's got my curiosity piqued...

And I understand. Most of the time, I have what I think is a great idea for an original story, and all I know there are a bunch of various plot points that have to happen. But I can never figure out how to bridge the gaps, and sometimes the ways I do end up planning to connect them feel really stupid, cliched, or contrived.
Who knows. Maybe I could write out the chapters like a written fanfic? That would be cool, but probably might not happen. And if you didn't want anyone to do that, I'd respect your wishes and not do it.
Anyways, it was a great read. A lot different from the traditional Pokemon story. So many of them is just a trainerfic that differs very little from the games, but this was completely different from any of the games. See ya~ ^^
Already am reading it. c; It has a nice noir feel and I'm a sucker for noir.
People. Go read that comic. It's good. Although, I didn't realize it was your comic.
@LKWayvern: Thanks for understanding, it means a lot.
I know it certainly feels random, and I'm sorry it is that way. I just couldn't muster things like dialogue or give more detail/context because there's so little to go on. A lot I've found with writing is that the outlines are the easiest part, it's connecting the dots in logical ways thats so hard.
No, thank you! :)

@Pantherbrine: Thank you! I'm glad to hear. I'm sorry we couldn't get to see what kind of character he actually was!

@Miyto: I'm glad you saw that! :) You really did get what I was wanting to eventually convey with him. Thank you for commenting a lot.
Yeah, I am very sorry I couldn't give you guys much for Asura's demise. :( who knows, had I continued to draw it out, she'dve probably lived, or some other meaningful conclusion. (Like you suggested!)

Many thanks! I'm glad you got something out of it. <:)

@SkunkWitch: You're welcome, and thank you for commenting!

@Shadowborne: Maybe...? *shrug* While the premise was unique to pokemon stories/comics nothing is original....it would have been handled in a much better more understandable way had I gotten to draw the rest. i am sorry though I couldn't flesh things out and make it more interesting.

@Guest: The wings are detachable! You can see this in chapter 6. :)
My latest comic project:
Called No One's Face, aptly. xD

As you can see it's in a totally different style, and quite a different genre. Has violence though, plenty of it.

Don't have to worry about me not finishing this one though! BECAUSE it's ALREADY DONE!

I just have scheduled updating for it, you can read the comic i've uploaded so far HERE:


Thanks everyone for reading Pokemon Beta. :)
Hope you like No One's Face- but it's understandable and totally okay if you don't care for the type of comic it is.
Wait...if Malveric is a Marowak/Lucario/maybe Floatzel, how come his suit has wings?
Ok ..... I think this is one ordinary conclusion for a tech based storyline
Thanks for the closure man! This story was unlike anything I have ever seen before and I am really happy to know how you at least wanted it to end.
Personally I like Cresselia being the bad guy :3
I like Xamad's first motive, it fits Xamad taking Cresselia's form in a yin-yang sort of way. One taking the role of the other and before balance is restored roles are stolen once again.
I also like Trygon's ideal in that motivation is true to the initial claim of 'The Trygon facility was made to create better Pokemon that can survive in their world.'
I also like the bitter irony that Darkrai's dream of making a world where pokemon can stand up to cruel gods becomes his own nightmare, as Xamad became the cruel god that pokemon needed to have taken down to better survive.
Xamad wasn't wrong, but he had to go because of what he did in order to save the life's upon the world.
I like bitter ironies like that.
Though I kind of hoped that Asura would gain a redemption after rampaging, like the power infused within her overwhelmed her at first and when she came to/was brought to her senses she would regret fighting.
Maybe sacrifice herself to blow up a falling moon as an over the top apology or something...

Thanks again for these last couple of written chapters, heck the choose-your-own-adventure piece of it is enjoyable, it both lets us see you creative process and choose our favorite version of your story, also closure. Closure is nice.
Thank you for making the comic and then the outlines. It was a great read. I rather like the idea of Xamad. :)
I know you really wanted to move on to new projects, and that you didn't really like, or feel like you were good at, writing, but thank you so much for doing this. It provides more of a sense of closure, and it's nice knowing what happened. So thank you.
I like the reveal with Xamad. There's a good motive and bad motive for him... I don't like it when Darkrai or Yveltal is the villain for no reason other then 'because evil is fun'. You did leave his true motives a bit ambiguous, but I liked how you provided a hope there was a bit more depth to him.
The thing with Asura being Pokemon Beta, and fighting... That felt a bit random, and out of left field.
This was a great comic while it lasted, and while it couldn't be drawn out, I'm glad we at least had an idea of how it ended...
Thank you so much.
@Nashew: Hahah, you weren't alone!

@LKWayvern: Hehehe yes x3
Yeah I liked Malveric being the Marowak best too now I think on it.
Yeah I'm sure it seems random, but its hard to make the logic come through succinctly in text- or at least, I am terrible at it to do it in that manner. Like I'd said, it's kindve convoluted.

@Axies: Yeah I imagine it is. :( I'm sorry about that.
True, its possibly most sensable to have him be a lucario.
He, at least to me, probably was 'good' on some level with oen of the possibilities listed in the 13 summary! I did like the darkrai from PMD a lot, haha.

@Shadowborne: hahah, somethin like that.

@QuirkyButterfree: Hahah yeah you got it. xD