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A remastered version of the orignal author comic

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itd be nice if we continued this some time in the future. Just for fun
Eternal Cry
April 18th, 2014
How did I not notice this for two years?
Cresent Night
September 16th, 2012
I can't believe you actually did this.

Shameless advert!
Daniel Sokolov
September 15th, 2012
I know shameless advertising was disapproved of on this comic..... ON THE OTHER HAND THIS COMIC IS DEAD! AND I RUN HE PLACE! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

But hey, bravo to keeping things going, if only at a snail's pace.
Oh my :O
Unless another slap angers KOA to further hurt Dani?
(comic cut in two because of file size)

I haven't been here a while, but maybe this comic can make it up? This is still my favorite author comic. Even if it's a bit... slow.

I decided to skip ahead and just put the Invaders off on their first mission, since it would look odd on their part that they've been standing immobile for a whole year in the Invaders terrain.

Their mission here was to receive a blood sample. But Broly's not helping the cause.
Well, he abuses her for fun. And if he's not in the mood for fun, he won't do as much
That doesn't make all that much sense, but ok...
The lying down sprites were not finished yet. Also, KoA was in a bad mood, if he's in a good mood Dani would have had much worse
She still has the ability to stand?
you show far too much mercy
I hate this comic... haaaaaate! I hated the expressions, they way I wrote it, I spent the first week trying to make Dani's injuries actually look dreadful and just gave up on it. Blah I say!
so yes, I finally get around to updating.

meet luck the rabbit,a KoA fan girl of sorts, and a reasonably good spy, and enigma the cursed, a man encased in living armour, and is a bounty hunter of sorts.

I will put their sprites up when I have more
Meanwhile the Defenders sit around and play cards waiting for evil to strike...

(hey that actually sounds like a funny comic...)
I hope you die in this comic
I think there is something on your shoe.
Note that I do intend on posting once I have finished my new sprite sheet.

Just felt like saying that.

Also how does he keep getting in?
That's what I was thinking...
HELLO-OOOH my god he's tall!