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Kirby Adventure

Meet the Kirby Adventure Squad: a group of Kirbies who take requests from random clients and attempt to complete them! And mostly fail miserably!

Recent Comments

You know, it's funny to see all of the comments made by people saying you wouldn't fix Panel 6 now that you have.
And thus began the meme of yellow dying.
Oh how wrong you were
... And it was founded by a GIM. GIMs have one hand. That pun is bad on so many levels.
Keeby has deadsed. I has had a sads.
... Wait. That's the background from the original Super Star version of that room.
And yes, there's normally a treasure there.
Uh oh...
He kinda acts like a bully
Do kirbies count as seafood XD
Why did that light took the palm tree?
2017, huh… Phew, finally caught up to this…
Oh… haha… real funny… /s
Years later… I finally come back and read this.
I can understand why you did that, but… this doesn't regain any trust I had lost in that moment of anger.
That said, I'll just be binge-reading the pages I missed from now on, because I AM still curious about it.
@SuperScratchkat: Stop-motion maybe...BUT NO SPOILERS!
Well, when u get them?
@A random guy: I'll do something like that... wait no spoilers! the grave at the same place as keeby's grave? That mountain seems familiar...
Still possible...
Still waiting if uy is gonna make a seaqule to this series after coming back to this page and the other one to say use the life orb to revive keeby, so kirby can be happy
@Ultimate Yoshi: look at the bottem of the chat at where i repied in the kas comic