Kirby Adventure

Meet the Kirby Adventure Squad: a group of Kirbies who take requests from random clients and attempt to complete them! And mostly fail miserably!

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However, I still can't believe you killed of Keito. He was my favorite member of the team.
Dear Creators
This has been one of my favorite online comics to read. It's been really enjoyable to watch your characters triumph over the many different adventures, trials, and enemies they encountered. You did a really good job developing your characters, creating a substantial backstory, and making me both laugh and (almost) cry. I wish it didn't have to come to an end, but I'm thankful for what you've been willing to create over all these years. Thank you. Sincerely
P.S. Now I'm really curious to see how the KAS would take Magalor's betrayal.
No, Kirby! Don't let him trick you!
YEEESSSSS!!! I've always wanted to see how the Kirby Adventure Squad would handle the event of Kirby's Return to Dreamland!
Cathartic as hell.

Also, Shadik has graduated to badass.
And Shadik is in earshot of ALLLL of this.
You did a great jerb.
Thank you so much for finishing this. So many people just leave without warning in a hiatus. I'm glad you saw it through to the end, and I enjoyed reading it.

Good luck with future projects.
Crystals that amplify power, you say? Hm...
Thank you.
Damn, I'm gonna miss this. Now I need to find some more comics here to read.
I can't believe it's finally over, but I'm glad it reached a conclusion. It's been great. Thanks for the memories.
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I'll really miss this webcomic. The first comic I read on SmackJeeves was this. And BOY I am glad to be welcomed by it in open arms. The story, the characters, the humor. Man, this is gonna make me cry. Hahah. You gonna make more, Ulti? By more, I mean a new series. Not a sequel. Well, it was fun, eh? Hahah. I can't believe this ended. It felt like it was too soon to end this. But hey, nothing's eternal, after all, eh? I'll be waiting for another one.
I feel kinda sad it's gone, but, whatevs.

There'll be somethin' new someday surrounding Kirby that'll take off just as well as this did, but not so much so that Nintendo decides they don't like it and smacks it with the newspaper.

So long.
Man, I can't believe it's actually over. Kirby Adventure was one of the first webcomics I ever read, and it's probably what got me into webcomics to begin with! I absolutely adore the cast of this comic, and it's a true feat to make every character of a ginormous cast likeable (except Zykan, of course)! The characters are probably my favorite aspect of Kirby Adventure, seeing as Master Of Puppets was my favorite segment because it was character focused, but the humor and writing was great too! I'm going to really miss this comic, and I'm excited to see what other projects you have prepared next!

Kirby Adventure, you had a great run, and thanks to Ulti for making such a great comic!
Arrivederci, Kirby Adventure.

You were good, son, real good.

Maybe even the best.
So it's over, I will deeply miss it, actually my best solo comic Kirby Tales in dreamland was partly inspired by this, it's crossovers, and some of its, 20xk and Kda concepts. I'm glad you finished it though, and this may end up going down in history next to Bob and George. I actually wanted to crossover with it years back but that not gonna happen.

Best of luck in the future.
That truly was one fun kirby adventure.
Wow, I knew it was going to end soon but I didn't realize it would be this soon. It has been an amazing adventure and thrill to read your comic @Ultizeta, and it makes me sad to see it go.

Thank you for taking the time out of 7 and a half years (Gosh, that's unbelievable) and providing us with such a well-made comic. Thank you for the comedy and drama and characters that brought glee to my inner child, and feeding my never ending need to read.

I hope to see more from you and your amazing writing (even if you don't believe it's that great).

Gracias @Ultizeta.
Ahhh it's over
And what a fabulous way to end it, I'm totally not crying right now
I swear I get too sentimental about these sorts of things, but I cannot help it, no matter what you say, your characters captivated me from the start and have made me laugh and cry and inspired me to play around with my own kirbies. Continue honing your author and illustrator skills, and may we meet again in another comic!
Not that you probably have any idea who I am!
But oh well!

(I am totally referencing eggboy at some point)
Man, that reference to the description, that's nice stuff.

Now, I came into this comic in its latter years - around when Master Green first showed up, I believe? But I still got invested pretty quickly, and I had fun the whole way through. Heck, it's probably in some way influential on my own Kirby work, even if I couldn't pinpoint in what way exactly. (At the very least, that KDLA review you did way back when helped me shift gears a bit.)

So, thanks for making a fun comic with enjoyable characters and good humor, and here's to hoping your future endeavors go well.