Kirby Adventure

Meet the Kirby Adventure Squad: a group of Kirbies who take requests from random clients and attempt to complete them! And mostly fail miserably!

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Dear Kirby
I fought id- wait I already made that joke on a Kirby sprite comic
@SecretAgent000:that wasn't exactly hidden.
@FireKirbyFireKirbyFireKirb:When a man and a woman love each other very much they take off all their clothes and get into that position
Uh oh
@Elemental Kirby: Seems like a big problem. Smackjeeves being attacked is the worst thing that could happen to this site. Hope it ends soon...

EDIT: Oh look, Smackjeeves has Twitter. Useful.
@TheJGamer: Actually because of this, all reading should look at this.
@Elemental Kirby: BECAUSE REASONS.
But wait... Where are Zykan and the others...? Hmm...
@Ultizeta: Why was it down? I was trying to connect all day. Although it's okay, I would've missed it 3 hours ago anyway.
Oh heck things got real right away.

@Warpstar: Kirby: "I am constantly surprised by how many people react by telling me what I just did, as if I was not aware of my actions."
I like how Miracle Matter is just chillin until Kirby recognizes it. It's just like "Sup, I'm here to destroy you but not until this one guy knows I'm here"
Spoiler warning:

The fight with Miracle Matter harder that the O2 battle.
But Miracle Matter only shoots those fire blasts in two or four directions at once, never only one!

0/10 game accuracy, unsubbed
@Ultizeta: I know, right? So annoying...
Caiya: Kirby... you... you saved me!
Welp. Going to bet one of them is going to die.
@Redkirby: Bet it's going to be about 4. If not then 2
I had this ready for a few hours but Smack Jeeves was down all day, so you can blame that for why you didn't get this explosion three hours ago.
can you make this comic downloadable?
I would like to read it on my phone, and internet drains my battery too fast
@Light and Shadow: Miracle Matter takes the win for power due to his ability to change power and element at will.
Dark Matter takes the win in health and durability, due to him taking a lot more hits than Miracle Matter.
But, Miracle Matter is supposed to be like a upgraded version of Dark Matter, and controls them so he has a win there.
Although Dark Matter has the most experience, and has great speed so he gets two points there.
Dark Matter would win.
Hypothetical scenario: Dark Matter vs. Miracle Matter. Who would win?