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Love Adventures, a choose-your-own-adventure webcomic about Sonic the Hedgehog. You select a character, and start his or her love adventures.

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August 21st, 2013
>both: Up up down down left right left right B A select
>Ask Rouge if she know where the Sol emeralds are and get silver to help
First comic for Chapter 2 coming soon.
Sorry for the 4 day delay, I was busy.
I agree with Mastermind9.
what blaze said, only one small difference :3

>silver: oh yeah, half naked women! wheres my drill, those dressing room walls are so thin

arent I just terrible?
>Blaze: Ask Rouge to go shopping with her and force Silver and Knuckles to carry the bags.

>Silver: Quietly ask Blaze why she wanted to find Rouge.
Silver: Stare at rouge
Blaze: Get pissed and leave his sorry ass behind.
>silver:faceplam :3
>Rouge hits on knuckles
Commands available:


You can control Silver the Hedgehog now!
Command the love.
I second both Tailsgod and Atomic dragon. Do both!
>Look for Silver first. You can spend quality time with him will you look for Rouge
Go to the master emerald, she's probably flirting with Knux
>check by the club, its ladies night so she might be getting free drinks


>Blaze: Try to get through Leaf Forest Zone Act 1.