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A can-you-spot-the-differences comic using Nintendo games.

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I found nine
1) Kaxo's mouth is smiling in first one
2) floor is further to the right
3) Neon has a brow in the top one
4) Nameless is a different shade of brown
5) Orange kirby has sweat in the top one,
6)the warp star is glowing in the bottom one
7)Caiya's mouth is wider open in the top one
8)there is an extra transparent warp star at the top
9)Shadik is slightly further to the right on the bottom one
@Ultimate Yoshi: That sun is actually from Super Mario Bros. 3.
found 11
koopa's eyes, paratroopa position, Mario's ears, piranha plant color, cloud color, double cloud position, hill pattern, ground pattern, luigi position, warp pipe color,goomba direction
i found 3

have pity on me!
Found alla them.
Explosion? Oh well,I found only 8.
I found 10.
This comic is probobly dead.
1. Mega Man is using Air Shooter
2. Quick Man has different color
3. One of the shots is moved
4. Boss Door is different color
5. Floor is reversed
6. Some of the bolt-looking things are reversed or different shade in the background.

That's all I got
I found 18.
I found 9. I missed that last one with 2 rocks in a row instead of 3.
1. The BG and FG are moved to the left, while the characters are moved to the right.
2. Hali (Brown) becomes the brownish Kirby with green feet.
3. Saia's (Purple) star has more glow/is brighter.
4. Saia's star has less afterimage.
5. Saia is behind the star.
6. Vezo (Orange) has no sweat drop.
7. Caiya (Cyan/Light Blue) is closer to/behind Wake (Light Brown).
8. Aika's (Dark Purple) expression is different.
9. Kaxo's (Red) expression is also different.
1) blue kirby closer to lightish brown kirby
2) Red Kirby's expression
3) more afterimage on star
4) star's colour
5) sweatdrop on orange kirby
6) floor being more to the right(?)
7) brown kirby's colour
8) purple kirby's expression
9) light purple Kirby's hand being in front of the warp star

Not exactly sure if I'm correct about the 6th one ^^'
I only got 7...i but i shall continue
In celebration of my birthday, for today, tomorrow, and the day after, I will be making puzzles based on my other three comics! Today's puzzle is based on Kirby Adventure, which can be found here: