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Not so Emo

NSE is the story of Nem, a dramatic self-assured guy in his late teens, and the people he encounters.

Trigger warnings for domestic abuse & controversial topics.

Updates randomly whenever I have time. Sometimes multiple times a day. Be sure to check which page you were on before reading new pages.

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Poor Marcus was asleep in middle school biology
Didn't he just recently find out that that guy died. You know, the one who he thinks died hating him?

hmm how so? You mean IRL?

yeah! Thought you meant IRL or something ^^;
burials are kind of a touchy subject right now
remember to check out the tumblr (all extra art was moved there), submit shit or ask questions or whatever~
This is actually from that same photography adventure I went on with my friend, we found a dead kestrel (wasn't a common kestrel like this one though, might've been technically a falcon and not part of the kestrel subgroup). It was rather bizarre, it was just there like 2 meters away from the road, head tucked as if it had just fallen asleep there. We mainly just tried to CSI how it died... BUT this is where the similarities end though, rest of this scene is just outta my brain.
PSYCH! Lol Marcus isn't that dumb & I'm not fond of that cliché
I originally meant to upload this together with the next page but...Well, you'll understand with the next page why
Lazy tones are lazy
The lettering on this page was pure hell, so much text...
as a habitual insomniac.. I feel the pain of not being able to get back to sleep after I wake up. But I still think I wouldn't want to go stomping around in the cold. *LOL*
what copy paste wha
*LOL* I would have just left him out there in the cold and gone back to bed myself. Annoying early morning people!
This scene is homage to a friend who I did this to once (it did not go anything close to like this, but some elements I took from that day into this bit) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LOVE U

I wouldn't, basically just because I can't fall asleep once I've woken up so might as well xD
He might be a hip dad, but he's still a dad!
no. you're good.
make sense now
ooohhhhh i like
The flower on his hand is a dog rose, traditionally represents pain & pleasure.