Transfusions is a BL (boylove) webcomic. It's a story about young media student Dylan and vampire Joa, who died in the 80's. Despite the rough start with threatening and snarking their relationship will develop from cute awkwardness to a beautiful romance.


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awww the feels I really want to do a promo video for your Webcomic. Let me know if you want one.
lol casually discussing dinner after an emotional scene
@Meto: Hi Meto! I understand how you feel. Be it any other character if any other situatioun I would not have used those words. I would not have Joa say that to Dylan, for example.

Dylan says that kind of jokingly, as we know he's not very possessive to begin with. He understands why Joa still cries for Jess, and as he apologizes for doing so, Dylan reassures Joa that it is okay because he knows Joa loves him now and won't go after Jess, so that Joa doesn't have to reassure Dylan that he is over Jess. And Joa's "Hn." and smile in the next panel shows he understands what Dylan means by that.
That last panel gives me joy that everything between them is alright, and they are smart, supportive boyfriends uwu I love these babies so much! <3
They get cuter and cuter with every page! You can see just how much their relationship has grown :')
"Life and death just happens to us"

I know Dylan is trying to be supportive and all but that statement doesn't exactly apply to Joa :(
this is all so amazing! I just stumbled upon your comic a couple hours ago and been reading ever since.. now i'm going to be a part of your patient fan following! I can't wait! these two are great and so sweet *sighs* THANK YOU
I'm re-reading the whole comic, and the way you've improved your art is just aMAZINGG ♥♥♥ (sorry for my english)
THEYRE SO CUTE and I love this but now Im???? wondering what bad thing is going to happen now???? ITS TOO HAPPY
Look, I think they're both adorable and this comic is a favorite of mine right now but.... Damn it makes me uncomfortable when people say stuff like "You're mine." in a relationship. Especially when they don't solidify with "I'm yours, too." But even then xvx;;;;;;;;;

I know he doesn't mean it that way but saying stuff like that is kind of objectifying. Really kills the romance >->;;;; I cringe everytime.
-cry cry-
perfect relationship <3

*whispers*something I'll never have nyehehhe
why is this so cute?
i'm ok ,i swear that i'm not dying from cuteness overload i'm ok .*faint of losing to cuteness*
my own little overgrown pet bat. *_*
ah well, save for the occasional tear-bleeding all over the place, he's house trained. ^^
can you say death happens to a vampire? hmm.. i guess so - they do (in this story) - but, it kinda passes. unlike for the common of mortals, where it's kinda.. more permanent ~
Best boyfriend EVER! Joa needs to o something nice for Dylan...
Boyfriend achievement...unlocked!
bless u
I love this comic so much. I hope you enjoy making them as much as we enjoy reading it :-)

ps Bless your drawing style it pleases me so much *(^.^)*
brb crying
*clutches chest* they are so sweet...
these boys are so sweet i love them