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Transfusions is a BL (boylove) webcomic. It's a story about young media student Dylan and vampire Joa, who died in the 80's. Despite the rough start with threatening and snarking their relationship will develop from cute awkwardness to a beautiful romance.


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Guess who’s back again 2 years later...
I love Joas hair.
He's such a Hufflepuff. Honestly.
So pretty 😊
This is my favorite yet.
This is so good :D
@axis_rhys: Oh no D:
It's the last line of the author's comment here
@niedanine i didnt see you were coming back november 4th. i was scared the hiatus was gonna be like a year or something.
Beautiful art :)
Hello everyone, sorry for the delay! This time we have a little dive into Joa's past with guest art by Mallaury:

"So HI I'm Mallaury knows as Maltes Mc Gee on internet (I mean if we can tell "knows"), I'm in my fourth year in a 3D animation school in Paris, I love drawing and modeling characters, the goth fashion of the 80's and nose (yeah weird right, I don't understand it either) also I have a little (huge) obsession with everything vampire, serial killer and gore related, which leads me to what make me discover Transfusions! (a funny story if you tell me)

So I think I first heard about Transfusion back in 2014, I was still in high-school and was too confused to search for non French comic so not a good start. BUT that was without a small coincidence that happened, one of the webcomic artist I was reading received a message from a fan saying that her characters were strangely looking like some from another webcomic (red hair vampire, shy dark-haired character being attacked) she immediately freaked out because she never had heard of it and didn't want anybody to think that she copy the characters (BTW except their hair are not that similar) , so she share the link of the web comic and OH Boi how glad I am she did! I literally read the whole thing until morning and read it over and over waiting for the next update. Basically I discover Transfusions because of a weird coincidence and really enjoy it right away.

For the guest art part, I guess first it was the design of Mark and Jess, I don't know they just seems so nice to me and then I discover their relationship with Joa and felt super sad for him (the whole moment when he cried blood remembering about his past, demn i never cried so much) and I don't know I just want to draw that part of his life that make me react so much.
Omg I feel like this is getting so long and it's so late by the time I write that but yeah just to say that Transfusions really marked me and in a way that I couldn't explain help me choose to work in a art field when I didn't know what to do with myself ^^'

Hope y' all are having a wonderful day!
Btw my social media are all maltes_mc_gee (so on Instagram and Twitter basically)"

Thank you Mallaury!
Cat belly floof 😍😍😍😍😍
@Ume: I said I continue on November 4th.
Is your hiatus over, please?
I am living for this!!!
My heart is so weak with love for this piece. Wow!
😳😍😍 this is beautiful
Favorite so far
I enjoy the fanart thing but there was such a cliffhanger last real chapter and its killing me 😭😭😭😭