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Transfusions is a BL (boylove) webcomic. It's a story about young media student Dylan and vampire Joa, who died in the 80's. Despite the rough start with threatening and snarking their relationship will develop from cute awkwardness to a beautiful romance.


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@Teal: The Blood Bank
Well, the other should be fine by now, and Kat wasnt sick for starters... so he could go to them? Angela might even be curious about it... but considering he said he used to kill the people he bitted, that probably will fall bad on Dylan...
He hasn't had blood in a while. He could be tired or something
That smile. He knows exactly what he's doing.
Joa you gonna invoke some Dylan jealously.
Joa's expressions make me squirm hh
It's harmless joke in my opinion but I'm not sure Dylan would think so. Joa used to kill humans on the regular and suck out there blood, it wasn't very long ago when he came to terms with being a monster and cried freaking blood. So it's a pretty dark joke, but I hope Dylan sees that accepting his past by making crude jokes might actually be good for Joa. Dylan should know by now that he would never suck some other persons blood at this point.

The only situation I can see is Joa being low and Dylan in trouble, then he might take some to protect his boi...
Is Joan okay? His expression seems no good to me...
I really hope Dylan gets turned soon in the future!
There's already such a distinct difference in his eyes woah
See I called it.
lol, you guys can't take a joke. xD
Aaaaaaaaah. I worry. His hesitation before saying it's fine. The face. Ahhh
That's a blackmail,vampire!
Joa is acting super weird in the last two pages. What the hell is whit that face expressions and things he's saying ?!
Joa's tag is always out smh
He thought that Carolyn would probably take care of Alf but Angie might not have anyone to check on her.
I'm actually curious as to Alf, in all of this, or if it's just a slight side mention to the fact that there is something 'different' about him since earlier on Dylan did mention Alf and Angie being sick and Joa only offered to check on her.
I'm really curious to see if he knows something about Alf, or if it's indifference, but given some past notes towards the idea I'm guessing it's not the latter and the little mention in this part of the storyline just made me more convinced that Alf isn't exactly human.
*sprays water on Joa's face*
bad Joa.