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Transfusions is a BL (boylove) webcomic. It's a story about young media student Dylan and vampire Joa, who died in the 80's. Despite the rough start with threatening and snarking their relationship will develop from cute awkwardness to a beautiful romance.


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Ahh the chibi!!! 😭
Oh my god Joa is too cute
Omg Joa’s face

joa doesnt know what to make of this!!
Oh my gosh!
Joa's face on this page is so so cute!!! I love it so much! Great work! I especially love the close up panel. It's simply adorable!
Joa's face is just pure art
There we go guys joa is gone and so is his boyfriend
Also, a surprised Joa is a cute Joa
Joa.exe has stopped working. Would you like to send an error report?
Joa's face. I can't stop laughing. HA HA HA HA HA. Omg. I especially love the two little vampire teeth.
Pff Dylan is nervous abt it isn't he
Joa's expression is beautiful. 😆👌
@GayGinger: you have stole my line, i was about to put that XD

One half of this page is super hot. The other made me *lol*
Dylan is full of surprises when he goes all in.
@plasticwrap: Not to be unkind? If you're so adamant about reading such a specific story, maybe you should write one yourself instead of trying to criticize this one. Transfusions has never progressed in an unrealistic way when it comes to their love/sex life. Just because you are used to men who hold on to toxic masculinity doesn't mean every man does that, and it's perfectly normal for a man to realize that he is gay or bi or any other sexuality and then be open to having sex with their partner. The majority of this comic is written/drawn without any sort of sex, but when two men love each other very much... well, it's natural for them to have sex! And depicting this bond is not just fanservice, it truly shows how connected they are. Please get off your high horse and enjoy the comic.
Wow Dylan really does have a fabulous bum. I see why Joa has a thing for it